Sonya Kraus

Sonya Kraus in le things, 24. April 2005

Sonya Kraus (* 22. June 1973 in Frankfurt/Main) is a German television host. In the year 1998 became it admits by its activity with the wheel of fortune.

personal record

with four years began its ballet career, which led it up to the school of music in Frankfurt. However it terminated this career in the year 1987, since it had become too large with 1,73 m. 1992 made it then their Abitur, and worked thereafter until 1994 as Profimodel with international orders.

Their brother died as it was six years old, her father, a book publisher, erhängte themselves as her eleven was. In addition their nut/mother had five abortions. Sonya became already early very independent only survivor the child of their nut/mother and therefore.

1998 became it successor of Maren Gilzer with the wheel of fortune on cable 1 under the presentation of Frederic Meisner. Since August 2000 it moderates regularly talc talc talc on pro filters, a summary of the highlights from all Talkshows world-wide. In the middle of 2000 belonged it with Steven Gätjen and Alexander Mazza to the presentation team from away to Boyard - star on treasure search.

Sonya Kraus is fan of Schalke 04

with Alexander Mazza was likewise shows such as the ore Forges - star at their borders and tie-clip mix. In addition it is engaged Partnerin of the pro filter action talks Nose Day.

Since 2003 it moderates the do-it-yourself enthusiast ending DO it Yourself - S.O.S., in the z. B. heruntergekommene areas by families to be reconditioned and modernized and do-it-yourself enthusiast dreams fulfilled. In July 2004 it moderated the transmission the Alm on pro filters together with Elton. In January/February 2005 it moderated the castle with Elton.

Frizzily plays in its transmissions gladly ironically with the image of the blond Dummchens, however with a Einserschnitt in the Abitur and eloquentem occurrence in Talkshows and interviews the opposite quite already proved.

2005 Sonya Kraus of by „the Crazy the Frog “admits become German computer game license agency Wallaroo Licensing a gate in to boom-end the Gamesmarkt opened. There is to be a computer game with Sonya Kraus as a heroine.

To own data with the FHM would like it with 38 their career to terminate and into early pension go.

2006 won it the golden Romy as the most popular Show and Talkmasterin.

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