Sophie princess von Bayern

Sophie Elizabeth Marie Gabrielle princess von Bayern, hereditary princess Sophie of and to Liechtenstein (* 28. October 1967 in Munich) is the oldest of the five daughters of max of Bavaria and Elizabeth von Bayern. She is the niece of the present wittelsbachischen family head Franz of Bavaria. One calls it also Sophie duchess in Bavaria.


Sophie buildup together with their parents and brothers and sisters in Wildbad Kreuth . There it visited the elementary school in the first years. From 1978 to 1980 it went to that into holy city to the girl home elementary school English Ms. Later Sophie changed to the girl six-form high school boarding school high castle in Lenggries. visiting 1984 to 1988, it locked the Adolf weber High School in Munich this with the Abitur . A mehrmonatiger stay in London followed, while its occupied it seminars that inch soon School OF Interior Design. In the special one their interest applied for the different styles of the interior arrangement. History and Anglistik studied it at the catholic university in calibrate-corroded.

At the 3. July 1993 married it the hereditary princes Alois of and to Liechtenstein.

Sophie is Ururgrossenkelin of Ludwig III. by Bavaria.

The moreover one it is a Nachfahrin of the Stuarts. It is therefore regarded of the Jakobiten as a future successor to the throne on the British throne.


  • Prince Joseph Wenzel (* 24. May 1995)
  • Princess Marie Caroline (* 17. October 1996)
  • Prince Georg (* 20. April 1999)
  • Prince Nikolaus (* 6. December 2000)

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