church La Soledad in the city park (Parque Alameda de Cervantes) of Soria

Soria is a Spanish city. It has 35,178 inhabitants (2003) and is capital of the province Soria in the east of the autonomous region Kastilien and León. Although Soria is after Teruel the secondarysmallest province capital of Spain, live into her about 40% the inhabitant of the province of the same name.

The city, which is because of the upper run of the river Duero, exhibits a rich inheritance at Roman buildings, in particular walls and churches. The Konkathedrale San Pedro with monastery, the monastic church Santo Domingo and the ruins of church and cloister of the monastery San Juan de Duero is particularly seeing and worth mentioning. San Pedro is since 1959 second bishop church of the diocese Osma Soria beside the cathedral in 60 km removed El Burgo de Osma.

About 8 km north of Soria (with Garray) are the ruins of Numantia, one for the Bronzezeit settled keltiberischen Oppidum, 133 v. Chr. attacks repeated by Roman troops of the younger Scipio ( Aemilianus ) in the numantinischen war after and long FE storage one destroyed. The place can be visited, in Soria is dedicated the Museo Numantino the archaeological finds.

1380 forbade a court order of the Cortes of Soria the Jew regulating their own cases of punishing judicially. In addition a decree one year before of the deceased of king Heinrich II. became. confirmed, according to which Jews could not be employed in the royal administration and with noble ones. These resolutions served Ferran Martinez, which led in the year 1391 to massacres at the Jewish population as basis for the hate lectures of the archie deacon.


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