Sound OF Earth

sound OF Earth is a golden record with picture - and audio data, which is attached on board the two interstellar space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The two records were manufactured in hope, any intelligent, extraterrestial ways of life could thereby ofmankind and its position in the universe experience, even if the probability is extremely small and mankind does not exist then perhaps any longer. With an estimated life span of 500 million years the plates however at least to certification over the fact will give that there were us humans once.

The record is twelve tariff large, gilded copper - disk. On the back is a symbolic explanation, like one the data on the front plays and/or. to decode can. The numerical data necessary for it are indicated binary and refer to a hydrogen atom, which likewiseis represented. , As already with the pion he plaques, the position of the earth is additional in relation to 14 pulse arene and the center of the Milky Way indicated.

At the beginning of the data track contains 115 similar to stored pictures. The remainder consists of audio data. In addition spoken greetings belongin 55 different languages (German text: “Cordial greetings to all”) as well as different tones such as wind, thunder and animal noises. Whereupon 90 minute Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chuck Berry and other one follow selected music, apart from ethnical music also well-known titles of Johann Sebastian brook.

see also: Pioneer 10


  • Sagan, Drake, Lomberg Murmurs OF Earth - Warner news Media 1992 (with difficulty available, contains CD-ROM with Replikat)

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