Social acting

the term social acting means „ an acting “(doing or omitting) in the sociology, which is subjectively connected with sense for the action (” the participant “). Depending upon interpretation of the term social acting defines oneself alsobecause to others referred it, is senseful at the behavior other one oriented. It was coined/shaped for the social sciences considerably in the follow-up by max of webers.

Sense means thus the sense understood about the participant. For indifferent ones the action does not have howeverappear absolutely meaningful. From the sense the motivation can be deduced for acting. „Social “is this acting if it is referred its sense after mutually to acting other one and in its process to it orients itself. ThisOthers do not have to be physically present. If acting is aligned generally obligatory rules (standards, laws) at abstract, thus at an existing order and not at private interpretations, weber speaks of society acting.

A theory of “social acting” must like everyoneTheory „of acting “(anthropologische, biosociological) a theory of the social “participant” axiomatisieren. Older beginnings (of Ferdinand sound-sneeze in such a way) use than sense founders for the acting subject the concept of the will or (so Jürgen Habermas) that Reflection, most the recent concept „the reason “(→ theory of of the rational decision (rationally choice theory), approximately with Hartmut Esser) or „the Autopoiesis “(in such a way Luhmann NIC-read). In all other respects see in addition the article acting.

The contrast term for „social acting “is in the sociologythe social behavior “. Its beginning goes around „the sense “- category (and/or. it is always it an ideological statement), so that itself „behavior “with of animals, plants andTo compare and above all the bridging to the Soziobiologie leaves little trouble to robots makes (to make seems to less trouble).

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