Socialist German student federation

the socialist German student federation (SDS) was created more party-independently , nevertheless 1946 in Hamburg than the SPD intimate student federation. The proximity to the party accepted in the first years still too, as under the Federal leader at that time Helmut Schmidt as well asPressure of the party leadership under briefly Schumacher were excluded numerous communists from the federation. Since in the postwar years besides many former soldiers and also officers were active in the SDS, he had the call one in parts „of the skilled worker SPD “immediately „links officer clubs “.

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starting from center of the 1950er years arose themselves increasingly tensions between SDS and SPD, in the question of the rearmament, the anti-atomic death movement as well as above allignited program of the SPD from the Godesberger. Besides the SDS had successfully been infiltrated by unofficial coworkers and informers of the Ministry for public security of the GDR. 1961 seized the SPD leaders finally an incompatability resolution, which SDS members and - sympathizers from the party excluded.Already in the year before the social-democratic university federation (SHB) had formed as party-faithful splitting off, which in the course of the student movement likewise radicalized itself however later (see there).

The SDS became after the involuntary separation from the nut/mother party in the sixtiesincreasingly to the storage tank new linking. Rudi Dutschke , Dieter Kunzelmann and won Bernd Rabehl from the periphery of the later municipality 1 the citizen of Berlin SDS occurred beginning of 1965 and there immediately substantial influence, particularly in „project groups “over socialist internationalism and the third world. Already to 28. February 1965 was selected Rudi Dutschke into the political adviser citizens of Berlin of the SDS. Under its guidance the SDS changed itself to an anti-authoritarian, undogmatisch left organization with partial anarchist courses, thosewith criticism at material-existing socialism term mountain did not hold. The report of a state security service informer in the SDS according to Dutschke is to have spoken about in each case of „the shitting socialism “of the GDR. An orthodox wing, which occurred further for close co-operation with east Berlin, remained howeverreceived.

In the second half of the sixties the SDS became then the core of the Ausserparlamentari opposition (APO) against the emergency acts. It was later among other things in the organization of the anti- Schah demonstration involved, with to 2. June 1967 the student Benno Ohnesorg was shot by a policeman, which released country wide student protests in the consequence. On their high point 1968 the SDS with country widely approximately 2,500 members had its high phase, however he was torn up increasingly by internal direction fights. Thus closeditself end of 1969 some SDS groups of the orthodox wing for the association of Marxist students together, from which the Marxist student federation Spartakus came out later. Other SDSler primarily from the before times anti-authoritarian wing followed later the developing K-groups or engaged themselves inthe most diverse new social movements.

To 21. March 1970 the SDS Federal association finally dissolved on one „more or less coincidentally zusammengewürfelte (n) meeting in Frankfurt student centers “by acclamation. Only isolated thereafter still local SDS groups continued to work, like e.g. in Heidelbergup to the prohibition of the there group to 24. June 1970.

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