Late romance

the late romance designates a art-historical epoch between 1815 and 1848. Centers were Berlin, Vienna, Nuremberg.


important authors of the late romance are:


from the other arts is to define the late romance ín the music temporally and contentwise. Already (high) the romantic music covers a larger and later period. If one speaks nowadays of lateromantic music, one means works, which developed for instance between 1860 and 1910. Particularly around the turn of the century it however already givesIntersections with the first arising experiments of expressionism and twelve-clay/tone music. For lateromantic music there are different characteristics:

within the late romance gives it different currents, e.g. Works, which are to be added to the symbolism, which flows later into the Impressionismus (Gabriel Fauré, Alexander Skrjabin) or also the Italian Verismo (Giacomo Puccini), in which the turn expresses itself to the modern trend in the fact that e.g. a Katharsis and/or. (He) solution of the action any longer does not take place, but works tragically end.

One is musical in the late romanceclear expansion of the Harmonik and the counterpoint recognizably. Works of Alexander of Zemlinsky or max of active about prove within a clock more than one dozen of independently led voices, the orchestra sound are colored often and the spread of the Harmonik often turn out to the border for that Tonality. Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners opera Tristan and Isolde about does not remain by numerous assignable chords durably in a floating tonal area. The last consequence, the dissolution of a tonally created system was finally accomplished by Arnold beautiful mountain. Other composers maintained the lateromantic style. Within thatexperimental phase 20. Century this however often again more simply and in currents like the Neoklassizismus led.

for painting

as painters of the late romance for example Carl

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