the Spanish air Tax Lineas Aereas S. A. (late Spantax S.A.) a Spanish charter flight company was in Santa Cruz (Teneriffa). It existed 1959 and 1988 between.

This airline was for two reasons admits in particular become:

  • It possessed or operated on the one hand temporarily remarkable variety at different types of aircraft, under it the largest European fleet of the Convair Coronado.
  • It was on the other hand into a number of heavy Unglücke and important breakdowns complicated, which you brought in particular into Germany a doubtful call as „misfortune airline “.


The later Spantax became to 6. October 1959 of Rodolfo Bay WRIGHT and Maria Estades Saez, former coworkers of the Iberia, on Teneriffa based. Originally the society predominantly carried drilling equipment and crews to oil fields with Laáyoune in the Spanish at that time seeing era.

In the year 1963 the name in SPANTAX S.A. became renamed and the intra-European, finally 1972 transatlantic charter flight traffic taken up. Spantax approached finally goals in 21 countries, among other things in the USA and Canada, in South America, Asia and Scandinavia. 1984 1.6 million passengers were carried.

1986 laid down Rodolfo Bay WRIGHT its presidency and those bankruptcies society into the national getting thing Partimonio Nacional were almost integrated. In June it by flight crew and soil crews came to strikes on two weekends, so that the society was forced to rent stranger machines in order their obligations to follow to be able. A goal of the strikes were on the one hand wage increases, on the other hand warranties for the durable receipt of the jobs, since the coworkers had to fear, with an assumption by another society dismisses to become.

In April 1987 was sold the society which was to blame for with 50 million US Dollar completely to the aviation Finance Group in Luxembourg. These invested approximately 40 million US Dollar in the purchase of new machines and a clear improvement services, in order to up-improve the image of the Spantax.

During the negotiations with China airlines over the purchase of two Boeing 767 failed to negotiations over the financing, so that the society to 29. March 1988 bankruptcy to announce had. Blocked a large number of the 815 coworkers thereupon temporarily the airport of Palma de Mallorca, in order to make attentive on their situation.

weight of accidents

the history of the Spantax overshadowed of a set of large accidents:

To 7. December 1965 hit with Santa Cruz on Teneriffa Douglas a DC-3 of the Spantax after the start for unknown reasons against a mountain. All 32 passengers died.

To 5. January 1970 was noticed with the start of a charter plane from Stockholm to Palma de Mallorca the loss of an engine. The start was broken off and the machine rolled back to the terminal. Afterwards the machine with three engines without passengers should be flown to Zurich to the repair. During the start the machine went out of control, touched some treetops and finally fell. Five victims were to be deplored.

At the 3. December 1972 occurred the heaviest accident of a Spantax machine. During the planned flight of lot Rodeos after Munich Riem forgot the pilot to drive an additional tail unit out necessary for the stabilization of this aircraft with takeoff and landing. Thus the Coronado went during the start with extremely poor visibility out of control, estimated themselves and finally smashed at the soil. All 148 passengers (predominantly German holiday-makers) and 7 crew members died.

To 5. March 1973 probably came it due to a navigational error on the part of the Spantax pilots and problems in radio traffic to a collision with a Iberia - machine in the air space of Nantes. While the Spantax machine damages heavily make an emergency landing could and all passengers survived as by a miracle, all 68 passengers of the Iberia machine died. The pilots of both machines flew French air traffic control without support of the strikers.

To 13. September 1982 came it during the start of a leased DC-10 into Málaga during a planned flight to New York to strong vibrations by blow-out of the right tire at the front chassis, which irritated the pilot. In the case of the abort of the start the machine ran out over the end of the runway, traversed a motorway, came then at the embankment of a railway line to standing, fallow into 3 parts and finally burned out. 50 of the 394 passengers died thereby.

breakdowns and easier accidents

by two events in Germany acquired and/or. supported the Spantax its temporarily very doubtful call.

To 31. May 1967 found a demonstration flight and. A. with journalists and representatives of travel enterprises of Palma de Mallorca to Hamburg instead of. Altogether were 128 passengers and 9 crew members on board. In order to prove the reliability of its society, the boss flew maximumpersonally the Coronado.

In the approach on Hamburg however it confounded the 3000 meters long runway 05 Hamburg airport of the Fuhlsbüttel, for which landing permission had been already given to it, with that at that time only 1360 meters is enough for work runway that Hamburg aircraft construction GmbH (HFB) in Hamburg-Finkenwerder (today EADS - airbus) and came only few meters before end for the jet much to short runway to a halt. The passengers got off the fright and penalties to the airport were driven, while the Coronado released thereafter to a large extent from ballast and kerosene took off empty direction Fuhlsbüttel and there - to the easement of the Towerbesatzung, which believed first in a crash - clearly late landed. This Zwischefall brought in among line pilots the mockery name “finch becoming he airlines” for it, because she ever approached as an only line company Finkenwerder.

About ten years later Cologne Bonn a further serious incident on the airport, which could have become almost the disaster, occurred:
When a Spantax machine to the landing set, had - turned out later how - the pilot forgets to drive the chassis out and the machine slipped „on the belly “over the runway. Only an operational delete vehicle coincidentally in direct proximity probably prevented that there were dead ones in this accident.


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