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Wappen der Stadt Speyer Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Speyer in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
circle: Circle-free city
surface: 42.58 km ²
inhabitants: 50.479 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 1,186 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 92 - 113 m and. NN
postal zip code: 67346 (old: 6720)
Preselection: 06232
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 19 ′ 10 " N, 8° 25 ′ 52 " O
49° 19 ′ 10 " N, 8° 25 ′ 52 " O
Kfz characteristics: FR
municipality key: 07 3 18 000
city arrangement: 4 quarters
of the city administration:
Maximilianstrasse 100
67346 Speyer
Website: www.speyer.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Werner Schineller (CDU)
a governing party: CDU with SWG

Speyer is a circle-free city on the Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany).

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Speyers oldest name were Civitas Nemetum, city of the Nemeter, after a Germanic trunk, which settled in this area. In 6. Century received the city to the names Spira from the Speyerbach, that by it throughflows.


Speyer is appropriate for scarcely 20 km south of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim and 34 km ( for each air line) in the lowlandses of the Upper Rhine north of Karlsruhe at the delta of the Speyerbachs into the Rhine. Beyond and/or. east of theRiver lies the settlement Siegelhain belonging to Hockenheim.


view of the Speyerer cathedral of the Maximilianstrasse

the core of the city Speyer lies on a promontory, which pushes itself into the Rheinauen. Two late ancient times of pieces of find, a smallColumn with the Christ mono gram, which served as altar, and an oil lamp are the first certifications of the Christianity in Speyer. Bishops become continuous since that 6. Century mentions.

The crucial epoch for Speyer was the time of the Salier, asthe via triumphalis from the Altpörtel to the Speyerer cathedral , one put on and all remaining roads fan-like from the cathedral proceeded. In 16. Century were held in Speyer a row from realm days. Famous is above all Reichstag of 1529 by those Speyerer Protestation.

During the Pfälzi succession war the city of troops of Ludwig became XIV. completely destroys. Afterwards Speyer achieved its old meaning never again.


10 v. Chr. Plant of the first Roman military camp Noviomagus and settlement that Nemeter on the left Rhine bank in the Civitas Nemetum (archaeological traces point to celtic settlement activity in the 2. Half of the pre-Christian millenium).
346 for Speyer a bishop is mentioned.
496/506 earliest denomination of the name Spira.
11. Century. A silver coin from Speyer arrives up to the Färöer, as the Münzfund occupies by Sandur.
1030 the salische emperor Konrad II. to the Speyerer cathedral puts the foundation-stone.
4. May of 1047 emperors Heinrich III.transfers the bodythe holy Guido from Pomposa to Speyer
of 1076 emperors Heinrich IV. breaks open from Speyer, his favourite city, to the bus course after Canossa .
1294 the bishop loses most of its earlier rights and the city Speyer is from now to free realm city.
1527 - 1689 seat of the realm Court of Appeal in Speyer.
To 19 “protests to 1529 on second Reichstag to Speyer. , Today one speaks April the Evangelist realm conditions against the reformation-hostile resolutions of the Speyerer Protestation (is called against the abolition of the“Parting” from 1526).
1689 the city in the Pfälzi succession war of French troops under general Mélac is destroyed nearly completely (large fire in Speyer, only 1698 begins the reconstruction).
1792 Speyer by French revolution troops one conquers and is omitted until 1814French rule. It becomes seat of a Unterpräfektur in the section thunder mountain.
1816 the city circle capital of the Pfalz becomes and is seat of the government of the Bavarian Rhine circle later Bavarian Pfalz (up to the end 2. World war).
1893 - 1904 building that Memory church for memory of the Speyerer Protestation of 1529.
Speyer um 1900
Speyer around 1900
1923 autonomous government of the Pfalz
1924 assassination attempt on their president Franz Josef Heinz
1930 to 27. May leaves the French army, to 24. June the Gendarmerie thoseCapital of the Pfalz. To the cathedral anniversary (900 years Grundsteinlegung) the cathedral cup is for the first time filled with 1560 litres wine since 1871. Since then the custom once with assumption of office of the Speyerer of bishop usually was repeated, for specific occasions.
1933 building firstfirm Speyerer Rhine bridge.
1938 Pogromnacht: National socialists set the 1837 delighted synagog in fire. 1940 follow the Deportation of more than 50 Speyerer Jews; only few survive the Holocaust.
1945 Rhine bridge by German troop units blown up. American troops occupy the city,shortly thereafter replaced from French army. In the Second World War are at least 1464 Speyerer please, for 263 remain missed.
1947 establishment of the national academy for administrative sciences (today: German university for administrative sciences Speyer).
1956 new Rhine bridge; Partnership with Spalding (Great Britain), 1959 also Chartres.
1957 beginning of the cathedral restoration regarding the 900-Jahrfeier of its consecration 1961; a new large restoration starts 1996 .
2006 for the second time after 1990 aligners of the Rhineland-Palatinate daily (of 19. to 21. May 06)

Speyer today

the city Speyer succeeded it to retain the unmistakable identity the cathedral and emperor city and the cultural inheritance. World openness and geschäftiges driving coin/shape today the picture of the cathedral city, a central center in the Rhine Neckar triangle with approximately 50,000 inhabitants.

Forthe one are there the atmospheric old part of town or the impressive cultural monuments, for the others the quality of life of Speyer, strolling over the weekly market and the purchase mile in the Maximilianstrasse. The high recreational value results from the cultural variety, the creative Vitalitätin Speyer working the artist and from an active association life. However 70 sport associations stand for professional as amateur-haven-learn to the selection. Speyer enjoys also as training and education center of the Pfalz a supraregional call, which results from a widespread education spectrum. It is enough ofgeneral-forming over resuming up to professional training schools. Beyond that the cathedral city seat of an educational facility with world-wide call, i.e. the German university for administrative sciences Speyer, is the only one post office universitären training centre for the entire higher civil service in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Sinceeh and ever art and culture play a special role in Speyer. Outstanding ones artistic achievements here always find an unlocked public. The permanent exhibitions are dedicated to the Oeuvre of two important sons of the city in their respective birth houses:Anselm fire brook (1829 - 1880) and Hans Purrmann (1880 - 1966), in the rest of also a country widely recognized price is dedicated to which the city Speyer for screen end art. (Source: http://www.speyer.de/ )

city hall

town councillor and mayor

Allocation of seats in the town councillor

2004 17 10 5 4 2 2 2 2 44

Speyerer mayors

  • Ebelin before Münster (around 1294)
  • the Bernhard to the crown (around 1294)
  • Contze Fritz (around 1390 to1409)
  • Hans der Elder Fritze (um 1390 bis 1409)
  • Hensel Muttersteder (um 1390 bis 1409)
  • Friederich Fritze (15.Jhdt.)
  • Peter Fritze (15.Jhdt.)
  • Claus von Rinckenberg (15.Jhdt.)
  • Engel von Rinckenberg (15.Jhdt.)
  • Conrad Roseler (15.Jhdt.)
  • Martin Stossel (15.Jhdt.)
  • Eberhart Meinsheim (15.Jhdt.)
  • Friedrich Meurer(1531-1563)
  • Christman Petsch (1575-1593)
  • Haman Petsch (1563-1573)
  • Jakob Meurer
  • Jakob Friedel Meurer
  • Johann Paul Fuchs (around 1689)
  • George Ernst Rützhaub (around 1689 - around 1700)
  • Israel Kümmich (around 1689 - around 1700)
  • Johann Peter Schreyer (after 1700)
  • Johann Conrad Schwanckhardt(after 1700)
  • “Maire” Karl Ludwig Petersen (1792)
  • “Maire” Johann Adam white (1796 -???)
  • “Maire” Johann David dust (1796 -???)
  • “Maire” Franz Freytag (1800-1801)
  • “Maire” Johann Adam white (1801-1804)
  • “Maire” David dust (1801-1804)
  • “Maire” Ludwig William Sunday (1804-1809)
  • “Maire” George FriedrichHetzel (1809-1813)
  • Franz Reichardt (1814-1819)
  • George Friedrich Hetzel (1819-1829)
  • Friedrich August Heydenreich (1830-1832)
  • George Friedrich Hetzel (1833-1838)
  • George Friedrich Hilgard (1838-1843)
  • George Friedrich Kolb (1848-1849)
  • George Friedrich Haid (1859-1868)
  • Johann Conradt Eberhardt (1868-1874)
  • George Friedrich Haid (1875-1884)
  • George Peter Süss(1885-1894)
  • Dr. med. Friedrich Weltz (1894-1897)
  • Philipp Serr (1897-1904)
  • Philipp Lichtenberger (1904-1911)
  • Dr. Ernst Hertrich (1911 - 1914) (first occupation mayor)
  • Dr. Otto Moericke (1917-1919)
  • Karl Leiling (1919-1943 starting from 1923 titles: Mayor)
  • WHETHER Rudolf Trampler, LV gau propaganda leader (1943-1945)
  • WHETHER Karl Leiling (1945-1946)
  • WHETHERHans Hettinger (1946)
  • WHETHER Paul Schaefer (1946-1949)
  • Hermann Langlotz (1946-1949)
  • WHETHER Dr. Paulus Skopp (1949-1969)
  • Bertram hard pool of broadcasting corporations (1948-1952)
  • Stefan Scherpf (1956-1984)
  • WHETHER Dr. Christian rosskopf (1969-1995)
  • WHETHER Werner Schineller (since 1995)
  • Hanspeter Brohm (since 1995)

objects of interest

contemporary ones Screen end art in Speyer

historical buildings

Jew bath (Mikwe)

most important building is the Speyerer cathedral (1981 taken up to the UNESCO - world cultural heritage), the largest RomanBuilding of Germany. The building of cathedrals became 1030 among emperors Konrad II. begun. The 1041 geweihte crypt are grave-put the Salier.

Because of the other end of the Maximilianstrasse (in the vernacular “main street” mentioned), the cathedral directly opposite, that is to 55 m high”Altpörtel “, which represented the western main gate of the city in the Middle Ages. The lower parts of the gate were built between 1230 and 1250, the highest projectile with the gallery and that 20 m high hipped roof was added between 1512 and 1514.
After the large city fire the Altpörtel was provided 1708 with a new Schieferdach. In the first floor a permanent exhibition is over the history of the Speyerer city attachment.

Speyer possesses the oldest German Mikwe, a ritual , Jewish in the “Jew yard “Bath from that 12. Century.

The historical museum of the Pfalz had Roman and medieval exhibits from the region, in particular remainders of the old cathedral equipment and the golden hat found in boat operator city, one with circular ornamentations richly verzierten, outGold driven cult cone.


the end 19. and at the beginning 20. Century established memory church reminds of the Speyerer Protestation in the year 1529.

In direct proximity of the memory church the catholic Josephskirche , those stands as reactionon the building of the memory church one established and one inaugurated 1914.

In the proximity of the station the Bernhard church ( 1953 to 1954) is, which was built as French-German peace church.


nearby the city centre is the technique museum Speyer, which in particular shows a very large number of technical master achievements from the vehicle and aircraft construction. One of the exhibits is far visible Boeing 747-230 “Schleswig-Holstein”, which were installed on a high stand and are accessible. One may do itrise also to a bearing area and the beautiful view enjoy.

A further object of interest is particularly with grades liked to “Sealife center” in the old dockland.

music and maintenance

the music and cultural center resound to 101, carriers are thatRock musician association Speyer registered association. based 1992.

For the visitor of the city it is advisable that it resounds the honorary led cultural facility, to 101 (www.halle-101.de), to its attendance program takes up. With the honorary office price of the country Rhineland-Palatinate 2003 excellently, is resounds 101 thatGegenpol to the classical tourist addresses in Speyer. Concerts, parties, but particularly promotion of the musician oh stature determine the program. Sizes such as Saga, Manfred man, Nazareth, Sven Väth, Jadakiss, gave themselves the honour there. The project resounds to 101 is considered as one to the largesthonorary institutions in completely Germany.

2006 aligners of the Rhineland-Palatinate daily (of 19. to 21. May)


city center plan from the year 1929
  • electrical industry
  • aircraft construction
  • mechanical engineering
  • chemistry
  • of insulants
  • printering
  • tourism

numerous administrative mechanisms, regionally and supraregional important authorities and institutions howNational audit office, federal state library, national archives, Evangelist regional church administration, catholic Diözesanverwaltung, German old age pension insurance Rhineland-Palatinate and the agricultural social security Rhineland-Palatinate have their seat carrier in Speyer.


honour citizens

sons and daughters contains

of the city the following overview important personalities born in Speyer, chronologically listed after the birth year. Whetherthe persons their later sphere of activity in Speyer had or not, are insignificant thereby. Many moved away after their birth or later from Speyer and are in another place admit become. The list does not lay a claim on completeness.


network plan of the rapid-transit railway RheinNeckar

Speyer is outstanding attached to the motorway net. Ludwigshafen, Mannheim and Karlsruhe are in approx. To reach 20 minutes. The city is appropriate directly south for the motorway A 61 and east motorway-similarly developed B 9 to Karlsruhe. In addition runs B 39 after new city by the city.

Starting from Speyer Hbf drive regional courseshalfonce per hour over Germersheim toward Wörth and once per hour over Germersheim after Bruchsal. Karlsruhe in 40 and Mainz reaches every two hours operating regional express in 60 minutes.

Since the introduction of the rapid-transit railway RheinNeckar the lines S 3/4 drive off Main station and over the critical point Speyer north/west in a common half hour clock toward Mannheim, which is reached in 25 minutes. In boat operator city connection exists to the lines S 1/2 after new city. For 2006 the extension of the rapid-transit railway beyond Speyer is to Germersheim planned, the new rapid-transit railway stop Speyer south develops.

Speyer is located at the Rhine and possesses a port for petroleum products and landing places for passenger liners. The classical (old) port was converted closed and into a yachting port.

The airfield Speyer is as traffic landing strip and the largest of the region classifies.

partnerships between cities

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