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play figure marks the figure in computer games, controllable of the player. Differently than a Avatar, which represents an individual representation of humans, the play figure of a play is normally alike for all players.

Computer games of roles represent in certain respects an exception, because the play figures are regarded there due to the play idea as individuals and in each run of the play with individual, unmistakable characteristics will provide. With these plays play figure and Avatar are therefore synonymous terms.

Frequently the play figure is represented as an organism, however artificial objects represent the play figure in some plays.

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in the early period of the computer games the play figures were by technical limitations usually only in fundamentals suggested and therefore rather unrealistic. The earliest plays relied on artificial objects as play figures like the spaceships in space were large and Asteroids. In the skill play skirt n roll steers the player a ball by three-dimensional level. The first as organisms arranged play figure, which achieved world-wide celebrity, was Pac one. Pac one was a play figure, which remained limited to their visual feature - she was not provided with a developing legend or fictitious character characteristics.

If human (or humanoide) play figures in the early computer games emerged, they were usually male, in order to respond at the beginning of predominantly male public. The first computer game, which left the choice of the sex of the play figure to the player, was the ISO-metric Jump'n'Run Ant Attack, with that the player either as a “hero” the “girl” to save could or as a “heroine” the “boy”.

With the rising close-to-reality one of new computer and video games the play developers put to larger value on the Design of the play figures. Thus for different play figures every now and then complete biographies are provided. One of the most well-known video game figures is Lara Croft, the Protagonistin of the play row Tomb Raider, whose “life history” was meanwhile filmed .

Since the center of the 1990er years for video sequences digitized photographs of well-known actors are taken up. As one of the first plays this converted the company Origin of system for part of three of the series of Wing COMM other . In this play among other things the actors Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell and John Rhys Davies arose . It became later usually to engage even for smaller speech roles of play figures well-known actors. Thus skirt star Games synchronized the dialogues of the play series of Grand Theft car with particularly photographs made for this purpose e.g. the actor William Fichtner, Danny Trejo and Jenna Jameson.

With popular games of roles such as Diablo it is even possible to act with the erschaffenen play figures. For so-called “High level characters “prices up to several hundred euro are ordered.

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the figure of computer games today to a large extent their attraction from the possibility of being able to make in the virtual reality actions.

On the part of some Jugendschützer it is every now and then criticized that juvenile players would identify themselves with the play figures of so-called Ego Shooter and these actions will then make also into the reality. This criticism is rejected however on the part of the players. Also in family-suited valid plays like the windshield frame section or Singles the player can take over the role of a play figure and arrange of themlives “.

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