a feature is a film with a fiktionalen action, perhaps material events and/or. Persons to be shared knows. To that extent it represents the cinematic conversion of the classical drama . To define it is in relation to other film kinds like the documentary film, the publicity film and films, thosefor purposes of the reporting to be turned.

Features are usually turned with the means of the feature dramaturgy on the basis of a film script (see also staff (film)). They constitute the by far outweighing portion of the films shown in the cinema, and there is a multiplicity of film category.

In the German linguistic area - particularly in connection with individual consequences of TV serials - occasionally of films “in feature length” one speaks. This can be misunderstood going by that the duration of a fiktionalen film has a meaning for its characterisation as feature. Meant is thereby however only,that individual features, which are not components of a series have in most cases one duration of 90 minutes or more, while individual series sequences last usually more briefly.

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International situation

the features produced by the US-American film companies dominate the international market. In large number also in India (see also Bollywood) features are manufactured. There however to the predominant part exclusively for the national market.

situation in Germany

to thatTo countries with a long feature history also Germany belongs. From the start time at the beginning 20. Century are to be called in particular films of Fritz long and Friedrich William Murnau, which wrote as representatives of the expressionistischen film also on international level film history. During the time of theNational socialism, in which numerous important film directors had to emigrieren abroad, could not be by a world validity of German feature production any more the speech. To the fame-rich tradition knew only many years later again the German author film with directors such as peoples Schlöndorff, Rainer Werner barrel binder and Wim of Wenders tie. Although mainly “only” regarding success with film critics and with the assignment of film prices. Economic success was on international level - also in the subsequent years - on few feature productions like the boat and Lola runs limited. In contrastfor instance to the situation in the USA the TV organizations play a large role with the production of features traditionally. This applies on the one hand to productions, which are manufactured as television films exclusively for the TV-radiant emittance, in addition, for cinema productions, in which TV organizations are involved.

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