a toy is an article, equipment, or a made play, with which above all children play. A toy becomes estimated sake around its, and/or. because of the joy in the play (play-rubbed), it makes possible.

In the trade generally and over the different types of firmthe trade driven out toy is summarized under the term play goods.

To play figures for children

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in the difference for instance to a tool, whose is appropriate for purpose primarily in the production of another thing, the purpose of the toy lies particularly in it. A toy serves the acquisition and learning different talents and abilities. With children it serves its sex role and its Sozialisation also for the preparation inthe society. With toys certain procedures of the all daily are copied and after-played. Already for primeval times toys are used by children.



as the oldest toy is to be regarded the doll. Already from the recent Steinzeit pupate-similar things leave themselvesprove from clay/tone. Toy was manufactured first in simplest way, z. B. by Schnitzerei. In before-historical Kindergräbern one has as if added small ceramic noise instruments, in particular rattling, rattles and whistles found. They served also the protection from bad spirit, a possible Toy interpretation cannot be denied however.


about 200 before Christ gave it in Egypt already wooden crocodiles and lion with mobile lower jaw. Also dolls with mobile member masses from wood, clay/tone, Terrakotta , bone and gypsum were in the entire antique Mediterranean areaadmits. On Greek vases frequently children with toy are shown. In antique Rome there were complete doll furniture sets.

the Middle Ages

simply manufactured Schaukelpferd from that 19. Century

Messingpferdchen, wood and clay/tone animals were in 12. Century of small boys likewise desired toys, like prepared Knight in the small format. Also Schaukelpferde enjoyed of large popularity, had them nevertheless apart from the reassuring cradle function also the purpose to prepare a riding. Not only, in addition, by the influence the social life determining church, one finds now increases sex-specific toy. Girls became already spielerischfor its role as nut/mother (doll, doll's house) and Bewahrerin of the domestic order (stick, Spinn and decoration work) prepares. (Note: Here the speech ALWAYS is from the privileged aristocracy layer or the arising middle class. The children of the so-called low conditions had, thus them opportunity in addition possessed, little play timeand the toy was limited to manufactured marbles, balls from phloem and wood gyroscopes.)


the course of the industrialization the toy industry developed. Since that 15. Century is Nuremberg a center of the trade and the production of toy. The so-called Nürnberger Tand, under what one understood completely furnished pupating tubes, wood soldiers, hobbies , drums and even small brass cannons, conquered that up to then well-known world market. In 19. Century became sun mountain the center of the toy production and the play trade. The Sonneberger publisher and buyers controlled at the beginning 20. Century with theirPlay goods the world market and made sun mountain the world play goods city. This very day about 70% of the play goods industry of the German Federal Republic are in Southern Germany. (See also: Toy museum (Nuremberg))

Plastic toy
Raumschiff, gebaut mit Material aus dem Konstruktionsbaukasten "Baufix" der Firma Lorenz
spaceship, built with material from the construction component system “building-fixed” of the company Lorenz

the organization of the toy reflects thosedifferent natural and cultural life purchases against. Also adults are occupied with toy, z. B.Model construction.

Today the majority of all toy in the People's Republic of China is manufactured.

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it gives also a film, in which toys play the main role. This filmToy story is called. Numerous toy museums state the increasing interest in this cultural property:

toy (small selection)

child with tire
model railway
sheet metal toy, crack duck
lower surface with crack mechanism

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