Spike Milligan

spike Milligan (* 16. April 1918, † 27. February 2002) was an Irish Komiker, writer, a poet and a jazz - musicians (trumpet and guitar).


spike Milligan was born as Terence Alan Milligan in Ahmad Nagar (India). Its father was an Irish officer in the British army. Although it lived the majority of its life in Great Britain and in the British army served, it was explained 1960 as “stateless” and attained later the Irish nationality.

During the 30's and early 40's -, he stepped years primarily as jazz - Trompeter up, now and then in addition, as Komiker. In the Second World War it served in the Royal Artillery in North Africa and Italy, where it was finally hospitalized because of war neurosis. Afterwards it became from the military service to dismiss and became guitarist in jazz/Comedy group named “The Bill resounds to Trio”. At the beginning they arose particularly for the troops, later in addition, for short time on public stages. Milligan changed to the group “cent ral pool OF Artists” and began Parodien to write, which became later the main part of the Goon show.

Milligan was a main author of the Goon show and arose also in it. In far circles it applies as the father of the modern British comedy, which affected many other Komiker - under it also Monty Python. With a show per week it was however overtaxed. It had several Nervenzusammenbrüche - once it even Peter Sellers with a measurer was hunted haben.^

with an inquiry of BBC in August 1999 Milligan as a “merriest person of the last 1000 years” was selected.

Milligan was manisch depressive and suffered its whole life at this illness.

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