Spider of the yearly

the spider of the yearly becomes since the year 2000 annually by the Arachnologi society registered association. (AraGes) proclaimed, in order to make attentive on the endangerment of these animals.

The selection of the spider of the yearly takes place after the endangerment of the kind or its habitat throughhumans. Thereby also the effect of spiders on many humans (Arachnophobie) is not insignificant, for this reason usually very remarkable or interesting kinds is selected. Thus also for the zoo-logical layman recognizing is ensured.

past spiders of the yearly

2000 water spider Argyronauta aquatica
2001 wasp spider Argiope bruennichii
2002 robbery spider Pisaura mirabilis
2003 large trembling spider Pholcus of phalangiodes
the 2004 Greens Huschspinne Micrommata virescens
2005 Zebraspringspinne Salticus scenicus
2006 variable crab spider Misumena vatia

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