Mirror-image guessingism

mirror-image guessingism or mirror-image-guessistic teachings is the general name for the teachings, which state that the deceased communicate themselves with the help of a medium or itself as Phantome and/or. Materialisationen to show can. The mirror-image guessingism is an explanation hypothesis developed on basis of the Okkultismus, which wants to attribute a part of the allegedly okkulten phenomena to “effects of the spirit world” to the world of the living persons.

The modern mirror-image guessingism as mass movement took in the USA its exit (knocking spirit phenomena in the house of the Methodistin Kate Fox in Hydeswill to 1848. N.Y.) and spread with the table back as a Wegbereiter very fast.

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in France were collected “spirit demonstrations” in the circle of the Mesmeristen by Léon Hippolithe Denizart Rivail ( alias Allan Kardec) in the “book of the spirit”. This formed out of it a synkretistische revealing religion, the mirror-image guessingism strictly speaking, that in Brazil, where he represents a recognized religion, 4.6 millions Trailer has. Umbanda, a religion those is still more common the Kardecianisti mirror-image guessingism with conceptions of African origin connects there.

The mirror-image guessingism received strong lift by the presentations of the medium Daniel Douglas Home. Due to its developed numerous private circles, societies and magazines. 1882 combined the “Society for Psychical Research” mirror-image guessingists, Animisten and Skeptiker to common research, from which the modern Parapsychologie developed.

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of the mirror-image guessingism appoints itself to the principles and laws collected by Allan Kardec, which are to have been revealed by the higher spirit. These works form mirror-image-guessistic Bible. the so-called “Spiritisti Kodifikation”: “The book of the spirit”, “the book of the media”, “the gospel after the mirror-image guessingism”, “the sky and hell” and “the genesis”.

The universe is created of God as the highest spirit. It consists of the material things and the mirror-image-ritual natures. The spirit forms a mental world, which differs from the purely material things as mental, intelligent natures and this temporally in the creation precede and these will outlast.

An important component of the Kardecianismus is soul migration teachings. The spirit is ignorantly creates and requires a gradual mental-moral development, which they can experience better in the inkarnierten condition, in which the memories of previous Inkarnationen and the nichtinkarnierten condition are however displaced. Always go the mental development in the direction of a higher stage or stagnate. A case on a lower stage do not give it. With the ascent the already more highly developed spirit helps (zbs. Protection gel), among which also Jesus is ranked as a nature, which is responsible for the earth and which went through the entire ascent completely.

Among the cult of the Kardecianismus rank prayer and mirror-image-guessistic meetings, which are to serve the mental “high development”, not the forecast of future events. The ability to be medium is regarded as natural human gift, which has everyone and can be developed. The special position is limited thereby to working in the Seance and corresponded to no priesterlichen conditions and may not also against payment be exercised.

The Kardecianismus takes a privileged position in various regard. On the one hand it is one of the few examples, with which can be observed, as from one first as desk product written work a ritual, as it were “shame anise tables” religion developed to develop can. On the other hand it stands at a relatively early point of the development of mirror-image-guessistic conceptions. With later directions is to be always proceeded from direct or indirect knowledge of the work Kardec, so that one with a certain authorization of a “pure” form of the mirror-image guessingism speak can, last the other directions than folders under admission of other conceptions to regard are.

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