Spiro Theodore Agnew

Spiro Theodore Agnew (* 9. November 1918 in Baltimore; † 17. September 1996) was the 39. Vice-president of the USA, who officiated from 1969 to 1973 under president Richard Nixon.

Spiro Theodore Agnew

until 1946 he ranked himself among that Democrat, afterwards it was considered as a republican.

In the year 1973 he was a second politician, who withdrew from its vice-presidency. Differently than John C. Calhoun, which withdrew 1832 due to a state crisis, had to Agnew to 10. Octobers 1973 withdraw, there an investigation against himexerted was. To all appearances it had accepted 1967 during its term of office as a governor von Maryland bribes, which should guarantee coming off orders for government. Before it withdrew, Agnew protested energetically its innocence. It pleaded also later for “nolo contendere “, than oneIndividual suit it tax evasion accused. Only 1982 one condemned it to the return of the funds.

Agnew had become famous by its speeches, in which he attacked opposition and media with nearly dichterischen idioms. The all iteration became most well-known nattering nabobs OF negativism (on German into schnatterndeSultane of the bad talking or murmuring Mogule of the Miesmacherei). For these and other style blooms Agnews speech writer William Safire was responsible, from whose feather/spring also “corps OF on effete impudent snobs” came. Both aimed primarily at from Nixon and Agnew hated Press.

Agnew became a marvelous lightning conductor for the public opinion, since he tried to defend in public aggressively the US-American war politics in Viet Nam.

Nixon appointed in its place Gerald Ford the vice-president. For Nixon Agnew was according to J. Ehrlichman its best life insurance, therenobody to be so moved could to shoot it if he knew that then Agnew became its successor. Consequently Agnews fall was also the starting signal for removal from office Nixons.

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