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A pointed name (in 17. Century pointedly = hurting), also over name, Abname, Utzname, Uzname, joke name, Neckname, Scheltname or mockery name, is a short spare name for the material name of a person or a thing. It is to be differentiated from an alias to, nevertheless can it between both terms to overlaps come.

Over the derivative of the mockery name a pointed name is originally occupied with a negative association, is however increasingly neutralin the sense of a pitch name. In the family surrounding field pointed surnames can have also a positive effect and are then similar to a Kosenamen and/or. on an equal footing.

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a pointed name becomes from the named-basic person and/or. the person/group with right of the use of a name (with articles)assigned, but results from outstanding ones.

The pointed name serves:

  • the characterisation of a person,
  • as abbreviation for longer names (z. B. Bartel for Bartholomäus) or also
  • for the demonstration of a friendly relationship.
  • for distinction with several persons resemble name z. B. Girgl or Schorsch for George.

In some cultures (example Thailand) pointed names serve to divert if necessary existing bad spirit from the true carrier of a name.

Beside persons can carry also buildings , cars or cities pointed names. The following list gives an impression.

pointed names of persons

a pointed name knowsdirectly to the name of a person refer. Diminutive forming of the first name or the surname is frequent. Usually there is short forms up - i. For example Steffi for Stephanie, Jenny for Jennifer or Olli instead of olive; and/or. Hoffi for the surname yard (f) man orSchmitti for the surname Schmidt or Schmitt.

A pointed name can refer to a pointed name of the father of grandfather.

A pointed name can refer to physical physical defects and other remarkablenesses of a person or also their descendant, even if they do not possess this Stigmata any longer. Exampleshere, Schnappisch for one are limp (Schnappisch Peter for the son of the Schnappisch) or curl for someone with a Glatze.

A pointed name can refer to the occupation. Examples:

pointed names can concern also the appearance:

  • Eyeglass queue (bebrillter humans)
  • Fettwanst (thick humans)
  • chop-eats (type with ugly face)
  • from hunger hook (thin humans)
  • bag face (ugly type)
  • Schimpansenohr (with large sail ears)
  • Schwabbelbacke (thick humans)

pointed name gives it also for persons, who follow to illegal activities:

  • Pullers (usually young people, who in the group extort other young person (taken one off) and threaten and to them objects of value or money decrease)
  • Abzocker are humans, the other one overreach
  • hackers(someone, which provides bad access to strange computer or networks)
  • Junkie (someone, which squirts itself drugs)
  • long finger - thief

a pointed name can refer (devaluing or differently) to the nation or the place of origin of a person. Examples:

  • Revision modification (in Germany for an American)
  • Bazi forBavaria and (further) alpine inhabitants
  • Boche (in the French [in former times partly also in Great Britain and the USA verächtlich for a German)
  • Charlie and/or. (more verächtlicher) Gook (name of US soldiers in the Viet Nam war for Vietcong soldier and/or. the Vietnamesen actually)
  • Diego (in Great Britain for latin Americans)
  • Franzmann or Franzeck(in German mostly verächtlich for a Frenchman)
  • Fritz (z. B. in Russia and Poland for a German)
  • Froggie (in Great Britain for a Frenchman, because of their preference for frog thigh)
  • Froschfresser is very insulting used in this connection as still more verächtlicher and)
  • Gaucho or Che (in Latin Americafor Argentinier)
  • going climbing gehsteiglecker for Swabia
  • Imi (for imitating, in Cologne for someone tightened and no “Ur-Cologner” is)
  • island ape (very much hurting) for an Englishman
  • Itaker (devaluing) for an Italian
  • Iwan (z. B. in German for a Russian)
  • Jerry (US American for the German soldiers in 2. World war)
  • Kanake (insult word) (for a foreigner from the Turkish culture area)
  • potato head (name for a German)
  • Käskopp or Kaskopp (likewise for a Dutchman)
  • herb (in Great Britain and the USA for a German, referring to sauerkraut)
  • Mof (of Muffträger, in the Netherlands an insult wordfor a German; MOF can be used in addition, of Austrians as jokeful abbreviation for “humans without friends” and refers then likewise to the Germans)
  • MOO buffalos for a Oberpfälzer
  • Ösi (in Germany for an Austrian [the Ösi; the Ösies] as relatively harmless insult word inUse)
  • Paki (in Great Britain for an immigrant of Pakistan)
  • Piefke (in Austria for or former Prussia and/or. nowadays for or the Germans [the Piefke; the Piefke] as relatively harmless insult word in the use)
  • (that or the “ScheiPie” is however the by far deftigere insult word formand stands for “shit Piefke”.)
  • Poilu (for the simple French soldier up to 2. World war)
  • price (in Luxembourg for a German)
  • price (in Bavaria for nearly all Germans of outside of Bayerns - still more devaluing is however “sow price”; but also “sow price, Japanese!” or “sow price, digitally!“is to have been already heard in Bavaria…)
  • Quiddje in Hamburg for Ruhri
  • course-traveled (for a Ruhrpottler, neither the Rhine countries nor westputrefies is)
  • Schluchti (= " Schluchtenscheisser "), very verächtlich for an Austrian
  • Schwab or Schkop (in Poland for a German)
  • Spaghetti, Makkaroni or Itaker for an Italian
  • carpet tiger for Englishman (because even in kitchen and bath prefers carpet is shifted)
  • Tschusch and/or. Tschu (in Austria verächtlich, originally only for inhabitants earlier Yugoslavia, nowadays in addition, for other foreigners, mostly with darker skin color)
  • Tommie for an Englishman
  • Wessi(in East Germany for a West German one)
  • Yankee (widespread, in particular in Latin America for Americans)
  • Zoni or Ossi (in West Germany for East German)
  • bulb face (name for a Dutchman)
  • Zwockl (Palatinate for old Bavaria)

the pointed name can compare the person with a famous figure. Examples:

  • Einstein - someonewith intelligent occurrence, and/or. ironisierend for the opposite
  • Kohl - name for a know-it-all, ironisierend for a super+smart Klugschwätzer
  • Pavarotti, Elvis - for a large singer, and/or. ironisierend for a bad
  • Rockefeller - someone with money

pointed name of well-known persons are z. B.:

pointed name for parts of the body

pointed name of buildings

pointed name for cities and inhabitant cities

flax field EN genuine things, laughter village

pointed name of automodels

pointed name of locomotives

  • series 043 oil jumbo jet
  • series 141 bang frog
  • series 152 Heuwender
  • series 191 three-room locomotive
  • series 216,0 Lollo
  • series 220 taiga drum
  • series SBB Ce 6/8 II crocodile


  • AS - actually in the tennis the impactwithout Return, thus counterpart to as as the highest Spielkarte in packs of cards, is considered it as honour designation for top-class sportsmen of all single kinds of sport.
  • Banana flank - high pass on in the football with cut; i.e. „begun to cut ball “
  • Blutgrät - football: exaggerated hardness of the defender, that the ball with long leg“weggrätschen” wants, but only the aggressor meets.
  • Third half time - euphemistische designation of the fight between hooligan after play conclusion
  • Gelb-Sünder - player due to of Foulspiel (= “sin”) of the caution - indicated with “yellow map” - receives; and/or, already often during his sportsman career received
  • Cherry - football („GIF me times the cherry “)
  • of gossips - high defeat („gossips miss someone “i.e. “painful” defeat, as it were as symbolic slap (= gossips))
  • Stick - one shank ball haven: hard shot or throw, who sticks one „hard “possesses is shot/throw-strongly
  • small thick Mueller - honour designation for- although small and - German Stürmer Gerd Mueller ball torreichsten
  • - name for the ball in the kinds of ball haven places underneath.
  • Ball lightning - Brazilian Stürmers Ailton placed underneath designation.
  • Guidance wolf - official or unofficial crew leader (alpha animal of the herd), at that itself the fellow players indifficult situations orient (thus “follow” and thus become “led”.
  • Pannenolli - only devaluing then honour designation for the former goal keeper of olive strain
  • pill - Ball (Verballhornung of an English name for ball)
  • herd formation - crew sport: Zusammenballung of the players frequently after play interruptions, whereby these into the lengthone pulls, because frequently further violations of rules take place.
  • Swallow - to receive simulated Foulspiel (more spectacular “flight”) around unberechtig a freistoss/an eleven-meter.
  • Racer - fast running driver.
  • Rot-Sünder - Player due to of Foulspiel (= “sin”) of the disqualification - indicated with “red map” - receives; and/or, already oftenwhile Zeitschinder received to its
  • sportsman career - a player, who wants to receive an advantage to playing, already reached, by delay of the play river, or by its “time destruction” to win hopes.


  • Heia - bed („off into the Heia “= off in's bed)
  • Heiamann- Piece of five-Mark in Hamburg (in former times a Dirnenlohn)
  • Miefquirl - fan
  • Parisian, Lümmeltüte, practicing educator - condom
  • Ratzefummel - eraser
  • tonuses - Tornister



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