Sport medicine

the sport medicine is a theoretical and practical subject of the medicine, which the influence of movement, training and sport, including which typical sport injuries as well as the lack of movement, for which examines healthy and ill humans.

In the Federal Republic of Germany the sport medicine is as auxiliary designation onesupplementing qualification, which can be attained in principle from physicians of all fields of activity. Physicians for general medicine, surgeon, an orthopedist and internalists with appropriate interests and qualifications lead usually this auxiliary designation. The field of activity, which comes in its contents of the cross section subject sport medicine next, is that the physical ones and RehabilitativenMedicine. Before the combination of the two German states there was the field of activity sport medicine, which was not continued however as area further training in the GDR.

In particular in the English language there is a set of sport illnesses:

Athlete's foot, athlete's nodules, athletic triad, bikini bottom, fatigue german type, exercise inducedanaphylaxis, jogger's kidney (Pseudonephritis athletica), jogger's nipples, runner anemia, runner knee, march Hämoglobinurie, mogul skier's palm, sudden heart death with sportsmen, runner's rump, ski thumbs, swimmer's ear, tennis elbows, tinea corporis (gladiatorum), turf toe.

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