Linguistic usage

the linguistic usage is the whole of the use of the verbal or written language. It enclosure among other things speech behavior (speech document), letter, handling written recordings (vintages, translation, standardisation among other things) descriptive (describing) linguistics describes, like a languageis actually used, präskriptive (prescribing) linguistics the rules, which are specified by Grammatiker and linguists. In many cases word or record forms will become by the linguistic usage justified and later the rules of the Grammatikern transferred to the appropriate regulations. The linguistic usage changes fasteras the appropriate regulations.

Linguistic usage leads on the one hand to preservation, on the other hand to the change of a language.

Words know within fewer years new or shifted meanings received (language drift), or it can from the language disappear, forget. This is not only in the colloquial language the case,but also in the so-called technical languages.

Languages can also mix.

In the linguistic usage show up the changing needs of humans, who speak the language.

The more humans of different language in contact with one another are, the more strongly affect the linguistic usage the appropriate languages.

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