Spvg Steinhagen

the sport combination Steinhagen is the Sportverein of the municipality Steinhagen (Westphalia) with several sections. Into the 1990er years played the table tennis crews successfully in the table tennis federal league. Into the 1970er and 80's had the soccer players their successful times.

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the history of the Steinhagener of sport goes back far. Already to 9. March 1900 was created the TV Jahn Steinhagen. The first football department gave it starting from 1934. Due to the surrender in the Second World War the TV Jahn was dissolved. But 1945 were already created the Spvg Steinhagen Amshausen. The final Spvg Steinhagen became 1954 independently. From then on the football department was a firm component of the federation league, at that time highest amateur class. Largest success was the fifth place in the federation league in the season 1977/78.


the Heimpsiele of the first Herrenmannschaft of the football department are usually delivered in 10.000 spectators the seizing Cronsbachstadion. In the stadium, which offers stone grandstands for Stehplätze, the plays of the first Herrenmannschaft are delivered. The artificial turf place is used for the youth department. The remaining two Rasenplätze were put on for the training purpose.

football department

the soccer players of the sport combination Steinhagen had their best time in the 70's. At that time the Schnappsstädter in the highest amateur class, the federation league played. Plays against SVA Gütersloh or sports association Brackwede were before 7000 spectators highlights of the federation league affiliation. After stay for many years in the federation league and the fifth place 1978 - the best placement of a Steinhagener crew - the descent was first in the land, then into the district league the result.

Today the first Herrenmannschaft in the national league east Westphalia plays, now since the ascent 1999 in the league festgespielt itself. Coaches and also players is simultaneous the ex federal league professional of Arminia Bielefeld Stefan Studtrucker.

table tennis

into the 1990er years played both the gentleman and the lady crew in the 1. Table tennis federal league. Well-known players with the gentlemen were for example Torben Wosik. In the season 1993/94 the crew of German vice-masters became. Before it it had reached 1991 and 1993 with the German cup championships the final game.

The lady crew was very successful. It won the German championship six times one behind the other from 1989 to 1994. 1992 and 1993 it became European champions in the cup, one year later was subject it in the final game. Admitted player inside were NIC oils Struse, Katia Nolten, Jie Schöpp and other one.

After the retreat of the manager Ruediger lamb the association in the German high-performance sport played no more role.




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