Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de Saint Aubin, comtesse de Genlis

Comtesse de Genlis
Comtesse de Genlis

Stéphanie Félicité you Crest de Saint Aubin, comtesse de Genlis, marquise de Sillery, (* 25. January 1746 in Champcéry with Autun; † 31. December 1830 in Paris), was a French yard lady and authoress.

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Caroline Stéphanie Félicité you Crest de Saint Aubin became to 25. January 1746 on lock Champcéry with Autun in Burgund born. It originated from a noble, but became impoverished to family from Burgund. With six years it was taken up as Comtesse de Lancy (after the city Bourbon Lancy) to a noble pin to Alix with Lyon, received however nevertheless their entire education, which is described as “shining, but unordered”, at home. It was in music talented and played particularly well harp.

1758, in Paris, acquired itself it with its arts as Harfenistin and its lively ESPRIT fast admiration. Married with 16 years with the count Charles Brûlart de Genlis, arrived it 1770 as an honour lady of the duchess of Chartres, which nut/mother of the later king Louis Philippe, into which palace became Royal and assigned the education of the herzoglichen children. A task, which fulfilled it nine years long.

With the revolution it sympathized, had however nevertheless to avoid France, made journeys into Switzerland and to Germany and returned under the consulate to France. Napoleon granted it a pension, and the duke of Orléans gave it under the restoration a grace content.

It attacks violently the Mrs. von Stael and died as Parteigängerin of strictly catholic direction and Gegnerin Voltaires.

She wrote educational and historical writings, in addition against 100 “frivolous” novels and a quantity of moral comedies, in which no male role and no dear plot occurred, and which are today completely forgotten. Their historical writings suffer from inaccuracy and partyness. Most interesting still their Mémoires is inédits sur le XVIII. siècle et la Révolution française (Paris 1825, 10 volumes).

The biography of the Comtesse became also even the subject of literary works, among other things by Charlotte sneezes.


educational writings

  • Théâtre à l'usage of the jeunes Personnes, ou Théâtre d'Éducation. 7 volumes. Paris, 1779, 1785. - Berlin, 1795
  • Théâtre de Société. - Paris, 1781, 1782. - Geneva, 1781
  • Adèle et Théodore: ou Lettres sur l'Éducation. - 3 volumes. Paris: Éd. Lambert et Baudoin, 1782, 1785, 1789, on X. - Hamburg, 1783. - Maastricht, 1784
  • Les Veillées you Château: ou Cours de Morale à l'usage of the Enfans. - Paris: Éd. Lambert et Baudoin, 1784
  • La religion considérée comme l'unique cousin you Bonheur et de la véritable philosophy. – 1. and 2. Edition. Paris, 1787
  • Pièces tirées de l'Écriture Sainte. - Geneva, 1787
  • Discours sur la suppression the Couvens of the Religieuses, et sur l'Éducation publique of the Femmes. - 1790
  • Discours sur l'Éducation de M. le Dauphin, et sur l'Adoption. - Paris, 1790
  • Leçons d'une Gouvernante à ses Élèves: ou Fragmens d'un journal, qui A été fait pour l'éducation enfans you duc d'Orléans. - Paris, 1791
  • Discours sur l'Education publique you Peuple. - 1791
  • Nouveau Théâtre sentimentally, à l'usage de la Jeunesse. - Et
  • 1791 Discours sur le Luxe l'Hospitalité: considérés sous leurs rapports avec les mœurs et l'éducation national. - Et
  • 1791 Dictionnaire critique raisonné the étiquettes de la Cour. The usages you moons, amusements, the mode, mœurs, etc. the François, depuis la de Louis XIII mort jusqu'à nos jours. - Paris: P. Mongie aîné, 1818

historical writings

biographic writings

  • Mémoires inédits de Madame la Comtesse de Genlis. Sur le DIX huitième siècle et la révolution française, depuis 1756 jusqu' à nos jours. - 10 volumes. Paris: Ladvocat, 1825. (dt. 1826) - New edition: Paris: Mercure de France, 2004. - ISBN 2715224605
  • Lettres (1902)


  • Les chevaliers you cygne: ou la cour de Charlemagne. - Hamburg, 1795
  • Mademoiselle de Clermont: Nouvelle historique. Paris: Éditions Maradan, at X (1802)
  • La duchesse de la Vallière. - Paris, 1804
  • madame de Maintenon: To Pour serve de suite à l' histoire de la duchesse de la Vallière. - Paris: Maradan, 1806
  • Mademoiselle de La Fayette: ou le Siècle de Louis XIII. - Paris: Maradan, 1813


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