Pc. Helena

of these articles treats the island pc. Helena in the south Atlantic. For further term meanings see Helena.
Flagge St. Helenas
Wappen St. Helenas
(Detail) (detail)
Office language English
capital Jamestown
system of government British overseas territories
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Michael Clancy
surface 414 km ²
number of inhabitants 7460 (conditions July 2005)
Population density of 18 inhabitants per km ²
currency pc. Helena-Pfund
time belt UTC
national anthem God save the Queen
Kfz Nationalitätszeichen
internet TLD .sh (pc. Helena)
.ac (Ascension)
preselection +290 (pc. Helena)
+247 (Ascension)
Landkarte Afrikas (St. Helena hervorgehoben)
St. Helena und Nachbarinseln im Atlantik

pc. Helena, full official name the crowning colony pc. Helena and Nebengebiete (English: the Crown Colony OFSaint Helena and Dependencies) is an island in the south Atlantic and has totally 7460 inhabitants (conditions: July 2005). Them are 1868 kilometers of Africa (Angola) and 3290 km von Recife (Brazil) for South America removes.

It belongs as crowning colony to British overseas territories of the united one Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Administratively belong to pc. Helena also two “Nebengebiete”: the island Ascension and a small Inselgruppe around Tristan there Cunha.

geography and economics

the island pc. Helena (English: Saint Helena) is 122 km ² largely andhas approx. 6000 inhabitants. The geographical location is
coordinates: 15° 57 ′ S, 5° 42 ′ W
15° 57 ′ S, 5° 42 ′ W. It is the only island in the Angola basin, which in the proximity over 6000 m depth reaches, and by volcanism was raised.

Thoseassociated isles Ascension (91 km ²) and Tristan there Cunha (201 km ²), with which the total area the administrative unit 414 km ² amount to, lie however on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The distances of Jamestown to Georgetown on the island Ascension amount to 1,297 km and/or. 2,442 km von Jamestownafter Edinburgh on the island Tristan there Cunha.

Pc. Helena is attainable only by ship. Beside some cruise ships, which make stop on the island, there is a regular connection by post office ship, the pc. Helena 26 times in the year starts. Ships of the pc. Helena LINELimited operate to England, the Kanari islands, Ascension and South Africa. An international airport is for the year 2012 planned, however very improbably. The largest settlement is the capital Jamestown with approximately 900 inhabitants (15% of the population of island).

That prefix with the amateur radio is “ZD7”.

The highest collection of the volcanic island is the 823 m high Diana's peak, but gives it further summits over 500 M. It prevails mild oceanic climate, which is soil predominantly covered with grass country. The agriculture is limited to the cultivation of flax,Vegetable and fruit as well as on cattle - and sheep attitude.

Financially one is dependent on the support of Great Britain. Industry gives it only for fishing and wood working, as well as something arts and crafts.

history and Napoleon

the Longwood House, Napoleon's place of residence during the shank

waysits remoteness and its Steilküsten had pc. Helena never natives a population. The island became to 18. August 1502 by the Portuguese João new facts discovers there. In the year 1659 the British Ostindien Kompagnie took the island in possession and settled it shortly thereafter.

Pc. Helena was by October 1815 up to its death 1821 the second banishing place of Napoléon Bonaparte, after it had arrived for “the 100 days” from the Italian Elba again to France.

1833 changed the island into the possession of the British crown.

Namenspatronin of the island is Empress Helena, the nut/mother constant in (3. /4. Century), at whose name day the discovery took place.

see to detailed history pc. Helenas

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