Pc. Cement and Nevis

Federation OF Saint of cement and Nevis
Federation pc. Cement and Nevis
Nationalflagge St. Kitts und Nevis
(detail) (detail)
office language English
capital Basseterre
system of government parliamentary monarchy
head of state queen Elizabeth II.
Governor Cuthbert Montraville Sebastian
head of the government Denzil Douglas
surface 269 km ² (pc. Cement 176 km ²; Nevis 93 km ²)
number of inhabitants 38,958 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 144.8 inhabitants per km ²
currency eastCaribbean dollar
time belt UTC -4 hours
of national anthem Oh country OF Beauty
national holiday 19. September (independence day)
Kfz characteristic KAN
Internet TLD .kn
preselection +1,869
Lage von Saint Kitts und Nevis in der Welt
Lage von Saint Kitts und Nevis in der Karibik

the federation pc. Cement and Nevis (English. Saint of cement and Nevis - in former times: Saint Christoph and Nevis) is a Inselgruppe of the small Antilleses in the Karibik. It is an independent state and member of the United Nations.

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the island pc. Cement consists of three volcanic's groups, which are separate by deep ravines. The highest mountainof pc. Cement is the 1,156 m high Mount Liamugia, before times Mount Misery. The island Nevis is by a 3 km broad channel of pc. Cement separately. The highest collection is the Mount Nevis with 1.090 M.

Upthe two islands live approximately 46,000 humans (updating on basis of the counting of 2001), on it about 13,000 in the capital Basseterre. As second largest city Charlestown counts straight once 1,700 inhabitants.

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the two islands were discovered 1493 on the second journey by Christoph Kolumbus, but only at the beginning 17. Century of British Kolonisten settles. 1623 created Sir Thomas Warner the colony pc. Cement.

Sincethe Kolonialisierung were the islands a constant point at issue between France and the united kingdom. 1783 secured themselves the British the islands and integrated them into the British Imperium. 99 years later one closed the two islands with thatnearby Anguilla to a federation together.

Between the years 1929 and 1930 the world economic crisis fell the country into economic and political difficulties. After 1930 trade unions and parties developed, one introduced 1952 the general and same right to vote. 1958 took place thatEntry to the westIndian federation, which existed until 1962.

Starting from 1967 the islands received an autonomy status from the united kingdom. For the inhabitants Anguillas, which belonged at that time to the federation, went these regulations not far enough. Thus Anguilla stepped actually from thatKonföderation aus, bleibt jedoch auf dem Papier angeschlossen.

To 19. September 1983 dismissed the British crown Saint of cement and Nevis into independence. Afterwards there was a minority government , which destabilized the country because of a deadlock in the parliament. End of the 1990er- There were years independence efforts on the part of the island Nevis, which demanded a draw running of Saint of cement. However this demand did not find the sufficient majority of two thirds of the Insulaner with a popular vote.

system of government and state

after thatfrom the year 1983 coming condition the country is a parliamentary monarchy in the Commonwealth OF nation, head of state is thereby the British monarch, at present queen Elizabeth II. It is represented by a governor general. Since that 1. January 1996this office holds Sir Cuthbert Montraville Sebastian.

There is a national assembly with eleven selected and three members appointed by the governor general, whereby of the selected seats eight for pc. Cement and three for Nevis are intended. The legislative period amounts to fiveYears. Nevis has beside it its own parliament with three appointed and five selected members.


the gross domestic product amounted to 2002 356 million US Dollar, whereby a material growth of 2,1% was to be registered in relation to the previous year.

On the twoIslands become Zuckerrohr - and fruit plantagen operated. A further restaurant factor is the tourism, particularly with citizens of the USA is pc. Cement and Nevis liked to vacation islands. To the gross domestic product the service sector carries, to 30% the industry and to 67%to 3% the agriculture.

The unemployment ratio in the year 2003 amounted to 10%.

Most important trade partners for the export are the USA and Great Britain, imported goods (above all machines, transportation equipment and finished products) come particularly from the USA, Trinidad and Tobago as well as from Canada.


the office language of the federation is English. However often kreolische dialects are spoken.

acquaintance persons

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coordinates: 17°20'00 N 62°45'00 W


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