Pc. Lucia

Saint Lucia
Flagge St. Lucias Wappen St. Lucias
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Wahlspruch: The country, The People, The Light

Office language English
capital Castries
system of government parliamentary monarchy
queen Elizabeth II.
Generalgouverneurin Pearlette Louisy
Prime Minister Kenneth Anthony
surface 619.15 km ²
number of inhabitants 164,213 (conditionsJuly 2004)
Population density of 265 inhabitants per km ²
independence 22. February 1979
currency eastCaribbean dollar
time belt UTC -4 hours
of national anthem Sons and Daughters OF pc. Lucia
Kfz characteristic wl
Internet TLD .lc
preselection +1-758
Lage Staint Lucias in der Karibik

pc. Lucia (national language: Saint Lucia [sntˈluːʃə]) is an independent island state in the Commonwealth OF nation. It lies north of pc. Vincent and the Grenadinen and south of Martinique.

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satellite photograph of pc. Lucia

the state lies inRange of the westIndian islands small Antilleses. Pc. Lucia is the second largest of the islands under that hoist. Their outstanding feature are the wooded mountains, which extend from north to south and are cut through by river valleys. The highest collection of theCountry is the Mount Gimie with 950 M. In the southwest Qualibou, an area with 18 lava crests and 7 Kratern lies. In the west the entrance to the port becomes shutter Plantation Harbour by the twin Pitons (bulk of Piton, 797 m and PetitPiton, 750 m) marks, 2 summits, which rise 800 m steeply from the sea and which is landmarks of the island. The most important rivers of the country are the Cul de Sac and the Canelles. Neighbour islands of pc. Lucia are Martinique inThe north and pc. Vincent in the south. Capital and largest city of the country are Castries. The coastal line has a length of 158 km. The island is in their longest place 43.5 km long and in its broadest place 22.5 kmbroadly.

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the climate is tropical, the average yearly temperature amounts to 26 °C. The annual precipitation varies between 1500 mm in the valleys and 3500 mm into thatMountain regions. The rain time lasts from May to August.

Pc. Lucia lies in ((Hurrican|hurricanegefährdeten zone]] the Karibik (Hurricanesaison: approx. June until November).

important cities

the most important city of the island is the capital Castries, where overThird of the population of island lives. Further important cities are Soufrière and Vieux away.



pc. Lucias Flora is tropical. , The volcanic hill country cut through by numerous river valleys is covered by species-rich vegetation: Wild Orchideen, Bougainvillea, Hibiskus and roses usury in rain forests and interrupt the monotonous plan day cultures again and again. The portion of Waldland decreased/went back in the past decades after extensive clearing substantially; only in the altitudes the original rain forest is received.


pc. Lucias fauna is consists particularly of the multicolored bird world of the Karibik, which had to suffer however from the rats brought in by the Europeans. One of the most well-known native birds is the pc. Lucian parrot,since 20 years under nature protection stands.


before the Europeans

long ones before the first Europeans arrived here, had itself the Arawakindianer, which the islands around 200 n. Chr. reached, on pc. Luciawell establishes. Then the martial Kariben came and defeated the friedliebenden Arawaken and around 800 n.Chr. the Kariben was the prevailing group of peoples on the island. The natives of pc. Lucia, the Amerindier, called their island Iouanalao, which afterthe amerindianischen dictionary of the Dominican mission acre Pere Raymond Breton (around 1650) as much as There where the Iguana means is found (= „where the iguana lives “).

discovery and Kolonialisierung

of the small island pc. Lucia is neither the date of the European discovery nor the discoverer admit - a rarity in the island world of the Karibik. If, as assumes, Christoph Kolumbus (1451 - 1506) the island on its fourth journey discovered, then it probably happenedto 18. June 1502, the name day of the holy Lucia. More probable it is however that about hundred years of late Spaniards or dutchmen discovered the island. A further theory puts near that Juan de Cosa, quite an unknown quantity sailor, the Kolumbus upits 1. and 2. Journey accompanied, the island its name gave. One of its sea charts shows a small island named El Falcon, those in direct proximity of the today's pc. Lucia lies. A further theory about the origin todaycommon name decreases/goes back the legend after on French sailors, to 13. Decembers 1502 shipwreck suffered and the island after the martyr of Syrakus Sainte Alousie designated, the name with easy variations by French chroniclers were taken over later. ThatDay is today the national holiday of the country.

The first European, who became established here, was Francois Le Clerc, also as Jambe de Bois or Wooden puts (wood leg) well-known. It was a Pirat, the Pigeon Iceland acquired itself and ofattacked there vorbeisegelnde Spanish ships.

Around 1600 the dutchmen furnished a base in Vieux away. Around 1602 a built Dutch away witnesses from bloody fights for the island, but did not rise the wars not from the usual arguments between the competitiveColonial powers, but the violent resistance of the natives. The Kariben many years successfully opposed all Kolonisatoren. The volcanic mountain landscape and the impenetrable tropical rain forest, which are to today an outstanding feature of the island, offered thereby sufficiently protection to them. Only off 1650 succeeded it to the Frenchmen to entreissen the island the Kariben piece around piece.

The first Englishmen landed here in the year 1605, after the wind their ship, which had driven olive off Branch, on the way to Guyana of the course.Sixty-filter settlers came ashore and bought huts of the Kariben. After one month only 19 settlers were alive and these had in a Kanu before the Kariben to finally flee. A second unsuccessful colonizing attempt of the British becamein the year 1639 undertaken by Sir Thomas Warner.

In the year 1746 with Soufriere, a French address, the first city was created. Up to the year 1780 the Frenchmen had created then twelve cities and established first sugar plan day. Withinfifteen years were 50 further sugar plan days in enterprise. In the year 1780 many Plantagen were destroyed by a hurricane. It succeeded to repair the Frenchman however the damage by slaves from Africa fast.

Between 1660 and 1814 changed themselveswell twenty times Frenchmen and the British as rulers of the island off, until those fell it 1814 at Great Britain. Like nearly everywhere in the Karibik worked African slaves on the sugar piping plan days, until the slavery was abolished 1834. In the year 1838 closedPc. Lucia the Westward islands with seat of the government in Barbados on and in the year 1842 was explained English as the official language on the island. In the year 1951 pc. undertook. Lucia first steps into independence. All citizens, those 21. Lebensjahr completeshad, received the right to vote. The Windward islands accepted a new condition and the seat of the government to Grenada were shifted. In the year 1958 pc. became. Lucia member of the westIndian federation, which broke down however after only four years again. Since 1967 havePc. Lucia its own government and is since that 22. February 1979 independently.

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population trend pc. Lucia

on pc. Lucia live mainly descendants of the African slaves, it make 90,5% of the population out. After them half-breeds educate the largest subpopulation (5.5%), then give it to minorities of Indian (3.2%) and Europeans (0.8%).

On the island live scarcely 165,000 inhabitants, this result in a population density of 266 for each km ².The population growth amounts to 1.1%, the child number of deaths lies at 14,8 per 1000 the urban population constitutes only one portion of 8%. The inhabitants of pc. Lucia have an average life expectancy of 72.8 years. The Alphabetisierungsrate is about 67%.

Office language of the island is English, besides also Patois is spoken, the French dialect of the colored island inhabitants.

Over 90% admit themselves to the catholic faith, besides there is to Protestanten (7%) and Anglikaner (3%).


state State of

pc. Lucia became 1971 from British colonial rule to dismiss and is member of the Commonwealth. Head of state is the British queen, those by a governor general (at present Mrs. Dr. Pearlette Louisy is represented). Pc. Lucia is a parliamentary democracy after BritishModel. The parliament consists of the Lower House (17 selected members) and the senate (11 appointed members). The prime minister (at present Dr. Kenny Anthony) is determined by the majority party in the Lower House. On the management level the country is divided into 10 districts.

head of state and government

head of state are queen Elizabeth II., their representative on the island is GouverneurinCalliopa Pearlette Louisy. Head of the government is Kenneth Anthony, minister of foreign affairs is Petrus Compton.


pc. Lucia has inParliamentary system of two Houses (“House OF assembly” and “senates”), parliament president is at present bathing Allain. In the parliament to time is represented: The pc. Lucia labour party (SLP) of -14 seats, the United Workers party (UWP) - 2 seats and an independent.


the Gerichtswesen divides on into a supreme Court and several municipal authorities courts. In the juridical system pc. Lucias gives it the death penalty. Between 1987 and 2001 according to official data the death penalty was 18 times imposed altogether 18. The number of the announced To criminal offences was 2003 with 13.273, the clearing-up ratio was with 29,9%, for murder with 50%. The juridical system is based on the English juridical system.

interior and foreign policy

after the United Workers party since independence the political lifehad controlled, went with the parliamentary election from 1997 power on the pc. Lucia labour party over. It received 16 of the 17 seats and determined Dr. Anthony to the prime minister. With the choice of 2001 it could do those with 14 seatsMajority maintain. The main goals of the government are the preservation of the economic growth, particularly by diversification of the agriculture and development of the tourism sector, as well as the improvement of the security situation.

Pc. Lucia maintains good relations with France, Venezuela, Cuba and China, which are represented with Ambassadors, as well as with Great Britain, Canada, the USA and the European union. It is engaged member in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and in the organization OF Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), those their secretariatin the capital Castries has. In addition pc. represents. Lucia its interests in the United Nations (the minister of foreign affairs at that time Hunte was in the parliamentary session a 2003/04 president of the plenary assembly) and in the organization OF American States.

Pc. Lucia is member in the followinginternational organizations:

United Nations (12. September 1979), WHO, IMF, IBRD, IDA, IFC, Commonwealth, organization of the American States of (OAS, 1979), CARICOM, OECS, ACS, movement of the non-aligned states, AKP (Lomé I - IV/Cotonou).


are trade unions in St.Lucia 9 single trade unions with increasing strength and meaning.

administrative arrangement

administrative arrangement pc. Lucias

Saint Lucia is divided administratively into eleven districts:

  • Anse la Raye
  • Castries
  • Choiseul
  • Dauphin
  • Dennery
  • Bulk of Islet
  • Laborie
  • Micoud
  • Praslin
  • Soufrière
  • Vieux away


pc. Lucia does not have military, it gives however the Royal Saint Lucia policy Force, whatever covers a Special service unit and the coast guard.


although pc. Lucia not as poor to be designated can do, depends it nevertheless to a large extent on the banana export (60% of the export income). The harvest of this fruit is very strongly endangered by eddy towers. Also it is source of political tensions, because into thatthe USA protested to past years against the strategy of the European Union to import bananas preferentially from the Karibik. Further agricultural export goods are coconuts, Kokosöl and cocoa. Clothes constitute the second largest export factor and the free port of Vieux away havemodern light industries attraction. The bay Grande Cul de Sac in the south is one of the deepest tanker ports of this region and serves for the shipment of oil.

Main export means are bananas, flour and rice, coconuts, Kokosöl, cocoa and clothes. Importedbecome worked on goods, machines and food.

Currency of the country is the eastCaribbean dollar (1 eastCaribbean Dollar=100Cents; Currency contraction: EC$, XCD (ISO code). Notes are in the value of 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 EC$in the circulation; Coins in the nominal amounts 1 EC$ as well as 50, 25, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cent. US Dollar are nearly everywhere accepted.

Principal trade partners of the country are Great Britain, the USA and Trinidad and Tobago.

The economy of the recent state is still just as susceptibly as the banana mono cultures on the island. Thus also pc. sets. Lucia on the tourism, which created an excellent infrastructure on the island: First-class hotels and a good road system make the natural wealth that for the visitorIsland, their nature beautifulnesses, easily accessible. Thus it gives on pc. Lucia the only active Vulkankrater of the earth, into which one can in-drive with the car. It belongs to the two summits of the Pitons high-rising up up to nearly 800 m, thatLandmark pc. Lucias. The unaffected nature of the mountain forests, the kilometer-long sand beaches of the west coast, tropical nature experiencing for divers, Segler and Wanderer as well as the culinary benefits French kreolischer kitchen make pc. Lucia for the looked for holidays area of the international tourism. The yachting port of Marigot Bayand the beaches of Vieux, occupied by international hotel chains, away, bulk of Islet or Cap Estate have the idyl pc. Lucias yet does not destroy: Still there are the small fishing villages, the lighthouses, the traces of legendary Piratenverstecke, the ruins of the Forts,the undeminished wealth tropical Tier-und plant world. Still Soufrière is a picture book village of Caribbean life, and the capital Castries is despite heavy conflagrations 1927 and 1948 still one of the most beautiful Antilles ports, coined/shaped from the most modern department stores of the Caribbean Region and ofden großzügigen Gärten und Baudenkmälern aus viktorianischer Zeit.



air traffic

airport: Hewanorra internationally air haven (IATA - airport code: UVF). Pc. Lucia becomes direct by British Airways (BA) and BWIA west IndiesAirways (German Federal Armed Forces) approached.CONDOR offers non-stop flight services of Frankfurt/M. after pc. Lucia. Connections of London with BWIA. From Zurich one can fly with BWIA over Antigua, with Lufthansa (LH) to Puerto Rico and from there out to pc. Lucia.

Work on []


on pc. Lucia gives it to 1,210 km road, of it is 63 km asphalted. The roads serve above all the tourism. It prevails to left-hand traffic. The road system is relatively well developed. Most roads are zweispurig, close and partiallyvery winding. Because of the many impact holes and the unorthodox driving fashion to caution in the traffic one recommends. Motorcycles and - scooters should be used despite the tropical temperatures only with appropriate protective clothing. Relatively low-priced taxis are available. The rural connect penaltyAreas with the capital. The connection from Castries to bulk of Islet in the north of the island is good; Every 30 minutes drive penalty.


the most important ports of the country are Castries, Cul de Sac and Vieux away.

telecommunicationsand Internet

everywhere on the island gives it to map and Münztelefone. Calling cards are from Cable & Wireless, the information centers of the pc. Lucia tourist board and many other business available e.g. at the airports, in the yachting port Rodney Bay etc. Network carrierCable&Wireless are, Digicel (pc. Lucia) Ltd., Digicel (pc. Vincent and the Grenadines) Ltd. and Wireless venture (pc. Lucia) Ltd. Mobile telephones can in the offices of Cable and Wireless Caribbean Cellular in the Gablewoods Mall in Rodney Bay and in the dockland ofCastries to be rented. On pc. Lucia gives it 51,100 telephone connections and 14,300 mobile telephones.

13,000 humans use that Internet. Main offerer is Cable & Wireless. Internet entrance for the public gives it with the Internet kiosk in punchline to Seraphine, in most shopping centres orin the three Cable & Wireless Internetcafés.



  • radio pc. Lucia (government-own commercial transmitter)
  • The Wave (private transmitter)
  • Helen Television service (HTS) (local, commercial Fernsehstation)


  • The Voice (edition: approx. 5.000)
  • The star (edition: approx. 2.500)



of the Karneval and jazz the festival, with which internationally well-known artists arise such as Wynton Marsalis or Herbie Hancock, is high points of the meeting calendar.

catering trade

thosenative kitchen consists of kreolischen, westIndian and French influences. Specialities are Langouste (native lobster) in all variations; Lambi (snail shells) and other sea fruits as well as Pepper poet, roasted cook bananas, bread fruit and other vegetables. There is numerous imported liquor, butnative Rum as Punsch or in Cocktails, Caribbean beer as well as fruit juices are likewise recommended.

On pc. Lucia grow Papayas, Guaven, oranges, Limonen, grapefruit, pineapple, Mangos, bananas, king bananas (Pisangs) and coconuts, which are converted to fruit juices. To the alcohol-freeZuckerrohr and Tamarindensaft belong in addition to refreshment beverages.


legal holidays:

  • 1./2. January. New Year
  • 22. Febr. Independence day
  • 14. April Karfreitag
  • 16. April Ostersonntag
  • 17. April Ostermontag
  • 1. May day of the work
  • 5. June whit-monday
  • 15. June Fronleichnam
  • 1. August.Release day
  • 2. October. Harvest thank celebration
  • 13. Dec. Firmly the light and the renewal
  • 25. /26. Dec. Christmas

famous pc. Lucianer

pc. Lucia is the native country of two Nobelpreisträgern (the two to 23. January were born). In the year 1979 receivedthe verstorbende Sir William Arthur Lewis the Nobelpreis for economic science and in the year 1992 the writer Derek Walcott the Nobelpreis for literature.


the mains voltage amounts to 220 V, 50 cycles per second alternating current. Have (some hotels110 V, 60 cycles per second). Into most plug sockets only three pole rectangle plugs (British standard) fit. Into some plug sockets also two-pole round plugs fit, or more rarely, flatten American plugs. Adapters are usually in the hotels available.

There is no summer/winter time conversion inPc. Lucia, the difference to Central Europe amounts to in the winter -5 hr. and in the summer -6 hr.

In the hotels and restaurants a tip of 10-15% is usual, Taxifahrer expects a tip.

Drinking water is gechlort and can and. And. easy stomach detuningscause. During the first days of holiday one should drink filled up water, which is available everywhere.

Above without sun bathing is forbidden and not usual, except in some resorts.

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coordinates: 13° 53 ′ N, 61° 0 ′W


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