Pc. Moritz

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Wappen von St. Moritz
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canton: Grey federations
district: Maloja
BFS NR.: 3787
postal code: 7500
coordinates: 46° 30 ' n. Break.
9° 50 ' o. L.
Height: 1822 m and. M.
Surface: 28,69 km ²
inhabitants: 5084 (31. December 2004)
Website: www.stmoritz.ch
Karte von St. Moritz

Sank Moritz (rätoromanisch San Murezzan, frz. Saint Moritz, it. San Maurizio) is a municipality in the circle Oberengadin, district Maloja Swiss of the canton grey federations. It is one of the most famous health resorts and winter sports places of the alps.

Pc. Moritz village 2005

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pc. Moritz consists of the local parts pc. Moritz village (1822 m u. M.), pc. Moritz bath (1773 m u. M.) and a half of Champfèr (1825 m u. M.). The other half ofChampfèr belongs to Silvaplana. The winter sports place has the character of a large, kosmopolitischen alpine city, exhibits however only about 5000 inhabitants. In the proximity the Engadiner sea-plate , those lies from the pc. Moritzersee, Champfèrersee, Silsersee and Silvaplanersee exist. In the northwest that risesprospect summits worth seeing Piz Nair (3057 m) and near by the Piz d'Err (3378 m, nearly in each cross word mystery as mountain stick in Switzerland one queries. “ERR”), as well as in the northeast the Muottas likewise worth seeing Muragl.


Klimadiagramm St. Moritz
climatic diagram pc. Moritz

already inthe Bronzezeit are the sources of welfare admits to have been. It however still lasted until 1859, until with the opening of the first hotel, the Kulm hotel, which ascent of the place could begin. Owing to a bet, some pc. Moritzer Hotelier had made 1865 with Englishmen,was established also the winter - sport.

Owing to innovative native ones and guests pc. could. Moritz several times as first in Switzerland “new” from the technology present. So for example the first electrical light (1878), a small electrical streetcar (1896), 1. Powered flight in Switzerland(1910) or the first ski elevator (1935). Also pc. has. Moritz 1930 as the first place a symbol (“the sun of pc. Moritz ") legally to protect leave and since 1986 are the signature with Signet (pc. Moritz, TOP OF THE WORLD) patents.

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Objects of interest

tower of the broken off Mauritius church

landmark of pc. Moritz village, that at the steep north bank slope of the pc. Moritzersees is appropriate, is the inclined tower, a remainder in 19. Century broken off Mauritius church from the time around 1500. The Segantini museum accommodates a large collection of worksthe artist Giovanni Segantini. Worth seeing also the Engadiner is local history museum with culture-historical and volkskundlichen collections. It is accommodated in buildings sketched by Nicolaus Hartmann in the Engadiner style. Pc. Moritz bath covers the actual cure zone of the locality and is at the Südrand of the lake.

Likewise“object of interest” the pc. call. Moritzer the weather: The sun shines on on the average 322 days in the year. Since air is much drying, one speaks also of the “tingling Champagner climate”.


in the year 1904 received pc. Moritz of the north rail connection to the Albulalinie the Rhäti course (RhB). 1909 followed the connection southward by the Berninabahn, the pc. Moritz with Tirano in Italy connects and since 1913 offers the RhB “east connection” engadinabwärts to Scuol. The post office car serves the distances over the Julierpass after Chur and over that Malojapass after Chiavenna and further after Lugano. Pc. Moritz is starting point of the Glacier express and Palm express and is because of the distance of the Bernina express.

For local traffic in the Engadin the Rhäti course, post office car , Engadin bus and the local bus pc. have themselves. Moritzto the “Engadin group” together closed. For the individual traffic beside the well removed alpine passports also still the Engadin air haven is to 7 km in the removed Samedan at the disposal.


pc. Moritz owes its good reputation not only the unusually beautiful situation, but also thatexcellent sports sites. The first gulf tournament in the alps was aligned here 1889. 1928 became II. Olympic winter plays as well as 1948 V. Olympic winter plays delivered. In the year 1994 the first Windsurf Worldcup followed after lake. The first Engadin Inline Marathon was organized 1996. Into thatFound to years 1934 , 1974 and 2003 in pc. Moritz the alpine ski world championships instead of. Pc. Moritz wants to apply for the WM in the year 2013.

The Skeleton sport has in pc. Moritz its roots. In the winter season 1884/1885 the first Skeleton course in pc. became.Moritz under the name Cresta run built. The Cresta run is again developed each winter.

Pc. Moritz and Bobsport belong together. 1889 became the first Bob in pc. Moritz built and 1892 found the first Bobrennen in pc. Moritz instead of. More over the history of the Bobsportssee in Web left.

White Turf

White Turf is probably the most well-known horse running meeting in Switzerland. On the flattest racecourse of the world, the frozen over pc. Moritzer lake, leave horses, riders and spectator traces, which literally dissolve at the latest with the melt in spring.A very good dropping running system, which was taken over of the ski WM 2003, provided for an efficient disposal. To positively mention is also the fact that the cause is well inserted into the landscape. The tents were heated with gas and protected by means of air-locks well against calorific loss.The organization already took up the meaning of the intact environment 1992 exemplary to its example.

jet set

one speaks of the international jet set falls nearly always also the name pc. Moritz. Therefore there is here a number of mondäner luxury hotels, like Badrutts Palace, Kulm hotel, Suvretta House, Carl clay/tone hotel, Kempinski St.Moritz. Its call becomes pc. Moritz also with exotic kinds of sport such as Tobogganing, Cricket on Ice and horse running Polo on snow fairly.

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St. Moritz-Bad (um 1900)
pc. Moritz bath (around 1900)
St. Moritz-Dorf (um 1900)
pc. Moritz village (around 1900)
Ortsteil Dorf mit Blick auf St. Moritz-Bad (2004)
local part village with view of pc. Moritz bath (2004)

coordinates: 46° 29 ' 40 " N, 9° 50 ' 45 " O


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