Pc. Patrick's Day

green colored Chicago River on the occasion of the pc. Patrick's Day

of the pc. Patrick's Day is to 17. March committed anniversary in honours of the Irish nationalholy pc. Patrick. It was the first Missionar in Ireland. The 17.March is a legal holiday in the Republic of Ireland, in Northern Ireland, in overseas territories Montserrat as well as the Canadian province Newfoundland. The pc. Patrick's Day is celebrated world-wide by Irish, Irish emigrant and increasingly also by non--Irish. In Dublinand large parades and various loud activities make the pc. for most other Irish cities. Patrick's Day to a multicolored people celebration. The world-wide largest parades take place in Dublin, New York town center, bad clay/tone, Manchester and Savannah; andeven in the British capital London annually a parade and a festival take place.

To 17. March is green the prevailing color of the celebrating Irish in all world; in some cities (Chicago, Illinois) become at the pc. Patrick'sDay even the rivers green dyed.

As Christian holiday the pc. becomes. Patrick's Day particularly in the Roman-catholic church as well as the Church OF Irish country, a anglikanischen church community committed. If the pc. Patrick's Day into the chamfering time falls, is the Irish on this day however a chamfering break permits.

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