Pc. Pierre and Miquelon

Flagge von St. Pierre und Miquelon
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base data
capital Saint Pierre
inhabitant 7,012 (July 2005)
surface 242 km ²
population density of 29 inhabitants per km ²
time belt UTC - 3
internet TLD .pm
preselection +508
Karte von St. Pierre und Miquelon

pc. Pierre and Miquelon is a French regional administrative body (collectivité d'outre more mer) consisting of several small islands east the Canadian coast in close proximity to Newfoundland. Capital is Saint Pierre.

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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

the InselgruppeSaint Pierre (26 km ²) consists, Miquelon (110 km ²), long drawer (91 km ²) of the islands as well as and a total area of 242 km has further smaller islands ². In former times the islands Miquelon and long drawer were separately, today are connected them with a narrow Nehrung and become now uniform as Miquelon designates. In this area about 7,000 inhabitants (Saint Pierre live: 6,100 inhabitants, Miquelon as well as long drawer: 900 inhabitants).

The island Miquelon



on pc. Pierre and Miquelon are spoken French. To in 20. In addition, century spoke inPart the population Baskisch.


archaeological excavations on pc. Pierre suggest that Inuit or Indian there already 3000 v. Chr. lived.

1497 explored the genuesische sailor John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) the sea-area around Newfoundland and took the islands inPossession. In the consequence came normannische, bretonische, baskische and Portuguese Fischer into the sea-area, in order to exploit the rich Fischgründe.

The islands changed several times their official designation. The Portuguese João Álvares Fagundes gave them 1521 the name islands of the eleven thousand virgins after the legendthe Hl. Ursula. In France they were called after the Apostel Petrus Les Îles de Saint Pierre.

1670 are mentioned for the first time a small settlement French Fischer on Saint Pierre, those probably already since early 17. Century existed.

In the war 1689 to 1697 between Franceand England was attacked several times the Inselgruppe by the Englishmen. After the end of the seven-year-old of war in the year 1763, only these islands remain to the Frenchmen of their Canadian possessions. 1778 conquered the British the islands and drove out the inhabitants to France. After the peacefrom 1783 the inhabitants could return, however in the course of the revolution wars 1794 to new Scotland were driven out again.

In the peace treaty of Paris (1814) the islands were awarded again France, but handed over only to 1816 at France. The inhabitants turned those in the futureIslands back.

From 1985 on the area is collectivité territorial (C.T.). Since the change of the French condition of 28. March 2003 the islands are called collectivité d'outre mer (COM ).


the parliament (Conseil général) have 19 members. Of it becomesin each case a representative into the French national assembly and the senate sent. The elections take place every six years.


the currency is the euro. The economy is dominated of fishing and the tourism.

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