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the state State of to Berlin (former Prussian state library) is a mechanism of the donation Prussian culture possession, one throughFederal law established legally responsible donation of the public right with seat in Berlin. At present the library has an existence of approximately 10 million volumes and is thus the largest universal library of Germany.

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the state library to Berlin 1661 became later as Churfürstliche library Cölln to the Spree, “royal library Berlin” (from 1701 to 1918) in Berlin based. After that 1. World war was renamed it into “Prussian state library” and 1954 by the GDR into German state library. As counterpart the state library became on western side with the existence of the Prussian state library paged out in the westPrussian culture possession at the today's cultural forum Berlin based. After the reunification both houses became 1.1.1992 under the name state library combined into Berlin in working group of the donation Prussian culture possession. The Prussian state library took substantial up to the establishment of the German libraryGave up to a national library truely.

the buildings

to bureau

1780 finished buildings is on the west side of the Bebelplatzes. It was originally the royal library comprehensive over 150.000 volumes. Thatlargest part of the existence appears today in the state library under the lime trees.

Due to her swung form the old person library is bespöttelt for almost two hundred years of the citizens of Berlin asbureau “.

At the road under that One built for lime trees convenient buildings after the plans by George Christian Unger. These plans was present a plan of the Austrian architect Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach , why the old person library reminds strongly at the Michaelertrakt of the Viennese yard castle (1889).

Todayaccommodates the “bureau” the legal faculty of the Humboldt university Berlin.

today's buildings

  • Potsdamer road (house 2) at the cultural forum Berlin: Lend - and information library (literature starting from 1956). - The building at the Potsdamer road is part cultural forum Berlin and became of 1967 to 1978 as state State of Prussian culture possession after plans of the architect Hans Scharoun establish. After Scharouns death in the year 1972 was completed the building by his pupil Edgar Wisniewski. The space composition of the building with its impressing read landscape becomes very goodassumed and of students strongly frequents. Parts of Wim of Wenders price-crowned film sky over Berlin were turned here. Since the reunification the daily number of visitors rose like an explosion. The current construction work is necessary in order to adapt the air conditioning system to the new requirements.

(general) directors

existence and tasks



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