System of government

the rule form and in second line the organization of the rule practice in a state determine its system of government.

System of government leaves itself also as the answer to the question „who prevails? “describe. Thus for example the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany defines thoseSystem of government with the sentence all government authority proceeds from the people as democracy.

In history political philosophers developed numerous typologies of different systems of government. From the antique one Aristoteles the classical allocation in six forms, monarchy originates from the Greek philosopher, Aristocracy, Politie and of them degenerated to counterparts Tyrannis, oily archie and democracy. The Italian politician and historian Niccolò Machiavelli differentiated between however rule (Autokratien) and Free States (republics).

In the present that becomes main between the systems of government Dictatorship and those the democracy differentiated.

With the dictatorships it predominantly acts around autocrat ( Autokraten), calling as presidents, as well as around the absolute and the not parliamentary, constitutional monarchies.

The democracies were predominantly divided intoparliamentary and präsidentiale republics as well as into the modern parliamentary kind of the constitutional monarchy. Critics of this organization object that it concerns with many democracies in reality Oligarchien. The common formal characteristic of the democracies is however the fundamental free eligibility and voting out barness of the dominant ones by the people.

It is to be also marked that under democracy historically, excluding which direct practice of power was understood by the people. Today its become however usually (not completely synonymous) the terms the designation Radical democracy, direct democracy and basis democracy used.

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