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state bodies are representative vehicles of the highest office-holders of a state and state guests.

The word is derived from the French term carosse , which designates a magnificent, four-wheeled Kutsche. Mainly these were often four, partly also sechsspännigen bodies the high aristocracy reserved. This very day one sees Queen Elizabeth II. move forward with solemn causes with the royal Kutsche.

State bodies are very different due to different political customs. They reach special protection vehicles armored by splendourful Landaulets for parades up to. Common it is only that it is steered by a Chauffeur and a banner can be attached.

If possible as state body native products are preferred.

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vehicles with high symbol value were Mercedes Benz 770 (Hindenburg, Hitler), Mercedes 300 (Adenauer), Mercedes 600

FRG today

the official vehicle of the German Federal President are not rather inconspicuously

there political parades in the today's Federal Republic any longer are usual, appropriate, armored sedans of the upper class are used. Depending upon purchase to the respective politician Mercedes Benz S-class, BMW 7er, AUDI A8 and VOLKSWAGEN Phaeton are used .

The vehicle park of the Office of the Federal Chancellor consists of scarcely 20 vehicles up to the delivery van. For their maintenance are annually approx. 190,000 euro taken into account. Will delivered the vehicles by the automobile industry with often considerable discounts, in order to the vehicle park to be taken up. (Source: Automobile week edition 1/2002, S. 64). Also former Federals President have standing state body available apart from other privileges a lifelong claim to one if necessary directly.


in the German Democratic Republic vehicles of Volvo and Citroën were used as state bodies.

Soviet Union and Russlannd

in the Soviet Union were used the marks Volga and above all a GOAL. Russia today: A GOAL

are often built for 115/117/4104 [

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] Great Britain state bodies for king houses in Great Britain and other countries by Rolls-Royces. The British yard prefers however usually vehicles of the Daimler engine company.



one „state body of “special kind is dad mobile that of the Pope.

the USA


other one


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