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state actor is the highest honour title, which can be lent in Germany at stage actors.

In National Socialist Germany the price was presented by the realm Minister for public enlightenment and propaganda , Joseph Goebbels. Since important stage actors under the national socialism were used always also in films - the medium important for the Propapanda should be revalued in this way -, were the winners the public regularly also as film actors well-known. Pure one of canvas star such as z. B. Zarah Leander had however no prospects on the award of the title.

Since the title “state actor ” is lent to the end of the Second World War by the citizen of Berlin and of Hamburg senate as well as by the countries Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. With it today usually old-served stage actors, who are to be honoured for their life's work, are distinguished.

carriers of the title in National Socialist Germany (selection)

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