Staff officer

of staff officers (German Federal Armed Forces: StOffz; Swiss army of staff OF) educate a grade category within the group of careers of the officers. They cover the ranks major, lieutenant colonel and Colonel; and/or. Lieutenant commander, commander, captain to sea.

They have their designation from their mainUse in staffs. In addition, they kommandieren units, z. B.:

  • Major usually leads the first company (staff company) of an asking all ion.
  • Lieutenant colonel can be also commander of a battalion.
  • Colonel can be also commander of a regiment.

German Federal Armed Forces

an achievement selection determine outthe staff officers the officers in the general staff service, designated in such a way in the German Federal Armed Forces. These completed and become a two-year training course at the command and staff academy of the German Federal Armed Forces or an appropriate mechanism of the foreign country successfully in lifted out positions (z. B. Chief of Staff of a division) uses. Nowadays are Staff officers in all rule university graduates.


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