Urban district

an urban district (in Switzerland also urban area) is an administrative unit in a larger city. Usually there are urban districts only in large cities with more than 150,000 inhabitants, in order to be able to administer it citizen near. Occasional the urban districts are called also only “district “(e.g. in Berlin), although this term can have several meanings, or municipality district in Vienna.

urban district in Germany

whether a city of urban districts form can, is first dependent on the respective Gemeindeordnung of the individual Land of the Federal Republic. Larger cities are usually for this obligated. Thoseformal mechanism of the urban districts effected via resolution of the town councillor and is embodied in the main statute.

The urban district called its own district agency, often “district adviser” or “district meeting”, which is again educated after each local election. Depending upon Land of the Federal Republic the committee is selected directly by the people or throughthe town councillor orders.

Furthermore the urban district has a “district chief” - also “district office leader” - that full-time or honorary active to be can and occasionally also the designation “district mayor” carries. As administration office of the urban district a particularly furnished “office for district” serves.

The designations “district adviser”, “district chief”, “district mayor” or “office for district” can howeverdeviate from Land of the Federal Republic to Land of the Federal Republic.

Large urban districts are divided for further distinction occasionally into quarters and boroughs. This partitioning serves however only statistic purposes.

In individual cities the urban districts also quarters are called. Therefore the further subdivisions also urban districts can be called (like that is thate.g. in Karlsruhe). To that extent the two terms urban district and quarter are exchangeable, which for outstanding ones is very obscure. In other cities the urban districts form the first subdivision level, which are divided again further into quarters. This is for example in the North-Rhine/Westphalian cities (z. B. Meal, Cologne, Duisburg) the case. It depends thus on the respective regulation in the main statute of the city. In Frankfurt/Main the term urban district has completely different meaning, sees in addition urban district (Frankfurt).

Urban districts represent a formal administrative unit partly independently,of the structures grown from history. In large cities frequently originally independent structures (eingemeindete cities, villages, Weiler ) are, which were summarized after administrative reforms in own urban districts.

A further name for urban districts is partial place. She is used above all if thoseeingemeindeten places are still spatially from the city, to which they belong now, separate.


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