City plan

historical city plan Dresden of 1876

a city plan is the two-dimensional representation of the transportation network of a municipality.

The city plan avails itself the Topografie of a limited surface, usually the political borders of the respective municipality.

Central information of the city plan is frequently supplemental the road system with street names,by individual house numbers. The roads are listed usually additionally in a street guide.

Important points such as administration building, cultural mechanisms, objects of interest etc. are emphasized represented. The city plan is supplemented by the representation of the public local passenger traffic and the rail traffic. Depending upon yardstick of the representation additional detail maps can attachedits. Substantial orientation shilfen in city plans are also the water ways and water surfaces of the place.

Usually a city plan is printed like a map on paper; lately there are usually also electronic versions, those if necessary with a detection and a goal regulation by satellite navigation are equipped.

According to own data world-wide largest manufacturer of city plans is the German Falk publishing house. Further are far common city plans General German Automobile Association in Germany. Apart from the sales over the book trade, there are also city plans, free of charge over z. B. Municipalities or banks to be distributed.These plans are usually financed over the sales of adverts. To the more well-known representatives belong here the administrative publishing house, city publishing house or also the BVB publishing house with its local search machine identification town center.

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