City clerk von Bergen

city clerk von Bergen is an important German literary award, thatsince 1974 by the former city mountain Enkheim (today a quarter of Frankfurt/Main) and the culture company mountain Enkheim are lent. It is one of the most important literary awards of Frankfurt/Main.

The city clerk price was justified by Franz Joseph cutter, citizen of mountain Enkheim and author of the group 47. Thus first of a set of city clerk prices was created (e.g. Mainz, Dresden). This literary award remained however singular, since no obligations are imposed upon to the excellent writer. It receives an interest on loan from (2005) 15,500 euro and may one year in the city clerk house in mountain Enkheim “at the upper gate” live long free of charge. On the assignment of the price annually a neunköpfige jury decides.

And some more is unique: Each year at the end of of August/at the beginning of of Septembers (Friday evening before that 1. Tuesday in September) is lent the price in the context of the people celebration “Berger market”.

Award, firm, start and farewell speech take place generally speaking fixed tent before hundreds of visitors.


the winners and Festredner (in parentheses):


  • Wolfgang Mistereck/Adrienne cutter (Hrsg.): “Tent speeches. Speeches for the award of the literary award “city clerk von Bergen” 1974-1998”. Barrier stone, Goettingen 1998 ISBN 3-89244-322-X

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