Relay (military)

relay one calls a military unit of the Air Force and the army aviators. A relay consists 12 airplanes of three swarms, which consist for their part of two gangs each to two airplanes each, thus altogether, and corresponds at the army of the company or battery. One calls the leader of a relay relay leader.

In addition the special case that the infantry safeguard units of the Air Force are summarized instead of in companies, how it is in the army the case in relays, applies for example gives it to Air Force medical relays to the relay in the Air Force.

Besides it gives also relays in another function. At the army a relay is in approximately half as large as a company and can lead several courses. With the artillery e.g. sits down. an artillery battery on several engagements relays together. These relays are marked with the tactical indications by four points.

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