Stanley Matthews

Sir Stanley Matthews (* 1. February 1915 in Hanley, England; † 23. February 2002 in Newcastle under Lyme) an English football player.

Its pointed name in England was The Wizard OF the dribbles and in Europe it The Magician was called.

Matthews was born in Hanley as the third of four sons. Its father Jack Matthews was a Boxer, who passed its sense on for discipline and sport spirit to its son. As classically right outside it showed unusual talent already as a young person in the English pupil national team.

As a professional it played starting from 1932 for Stoke town center F.C. and starting from 1934 for the English national team. It debütierte in the play against Wales, when England 4:0 won. 1937 it obtained a having trick in the play against Czechoslovakia. During the Second World War its career was interrupted. As a soldier it was stationed in close proximity to Blackpool. To the war it changed to Blackpool F.C.. With Blackpool it became 1953 COMPANIES Cup winner. This final game entered as Matthews final English sport history. Its last play for England denied Matthews 1957; he was with 42 years the oldest player, who carried ever the leotard for the English national team.

1956 he was selected to the first soccer player of the yearly in Europe.

With 46 years it changed back to its association for local history Stoke town center where it up to the end of its career played. With 50 years it hung 1965 its football shoes to the nail. After its career he was the first football player, who was raised into the knight conditions.

Before the Britannia stage of Stoke town center stands a statue of Sir Stanley Matthews.


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