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Deutschlandkarte, Position von Starnberg hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Star mountain
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 0 ' N, 11° 21 ' O
48° 0 ' N, 11° 21 ' O
height: 589 m and. NN
surface: 61,77 km ²
inhabitants: 23.115 (30. September. 2005)
Population density: 349 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 82319
preselection: 08151
Kfz characteristics: STA
municipality key: 09 1 88 139
of the administration:
City star mountain
bird meadow 2
82319 star mountain
E-Mail address:
mayor: Ferdinand Pfaffinger
(citizen list registered association)

star mountain is the district town of the district of the same name within the governmental district Upper Bavaria. Star mountain is to approximately 25 km southwest from Munich because of the north end of the Starnberger of lake and is a well-known trip and Erholungsort.

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1226 became thatPlace mentions for the first time documentary. The lock star mountain was mentioned for the first time as possession of the counts von Andechs Meran 1244 as “Starnberch Castrum”. The name, which today still city and lock carry, is of that 1208 in particular mentioned knights who ago Miles de Starnberkcome, its sex as Ministeriale of the Andechser counts on the castle sat. Before star mountain received its today usual name, it was called Aheim at the worm lake. Since 1246 the castle was in star mountain in Wittelsbacher possession. 1912 took place the city collection. Star mountain developeditself in 19. Century to the most important place at the Starnberger lake, which was originally called worm lake. Star mountain remained however to in 20. Century a fishing village. Only 1912 became it city. Their development was favoured as living suburb of Munich.

Work on []

Inhabitant development

1871: 1.147
1900: 2.853
1910: 3.633
1919: 4.214
1929: 4.838
1939: 5.846
1946: 8.540
1950: 9.234
1960: 10.490
1970: 10.504
1978: 17.517
1983: 17.583
1990: 20.371
2000: 21.650
2002: 22.507
2003: 22.543
2004: 22.676
2005: 22.963 (conditions: 30.June 2005)
Starnberg, um 1900; Postkarte
Star mountain, around 1900; Postcard
Die heutige "Flaniermeile" Maximilianstraße um 1920
the today's “Flaniermeile” Maximilianstrasse around 1920
Das Gresbek-Haus um 1920 (erbaut 1896/97). Seit 1985 befinden sich hier die See-Arkaden.
the Gresbek house around 1920 (1896/97 build). Since 1985 are here the sea-arcades.
See-Ansicht von Starnberg mit Schloss, Kirche und Schifffahrts- bzw. Werft-Areal
Sea-opinion of star mountain with lock, church and ship travel and/or. Throwing area
Fachwerkhaus im mediterranen Stil, Ortskern von Starnberg
half timbered house in the mediterranen style, local centreof star mountain
Bootshäuser an der Seepromenade von Starnberg
of Bootshäuser at the sea-promenade of star mountain
Kath. Kirche St. Josef in Starnberg
Kath. Church pc. Josef in star mountain
Schloss (Finanzamt)
lock (tax office)

population after family status (conditions: 30. June 2005), (source: [1])

  • marries: 10.441
  • separately living: 422
  • single: 9.220
  • divorced: 1.663
  • verwitwet: 1.593

historical is thoseNumber of inhabitants also by incorporations strongly grown. 1978 with the regional reorganization took place the incorporation from six independent municipalities, i.e. from

Before Hanfeld was already to star mountain in in common December.Ein Gang durch den Ortskern vermittelt nicht den Eindruck einer Stadt dieser Größe, sondern erinnert an die dörflichen Ursprünge von Starnberg. Only strong traffic - particularly on the axle Weilheimer road main street native of Munich road (federal highway 2), in the summeralso at the lake along - the idyllische Ambiente disturbs. After political Querelen of many years the majority of the town councillors pleads for a B2-Tunnel (“office tunnel”) as solution of the Starnberger traffic problem - also a by-pass (west tangent, “OPLA/von talking joke by-pass”) is in the discussion. A finalDecision is not present however.


mayor are Ferdinand Pfaffinger (citizen list registered association). It became at the 1. May of 2002 successors of Heribert Thallmair (CSU/UWG), which was since 1969 a mayor. The local rate incomes amounted to in the year 1999 converted 17618T€, converted of it amounted to the trade tax incomes (net) 4781 T€.

The allocation of seats after the municipal election of the 3. March 2002: CSU 12, SPD 4, the Green 2, UWG 5, citizen list 5, FDP 2.

partnership between cities

since 1972 maintains star mountain an active Partnership between cities with the French city DIN pool of broadcasting corporations. A delegation of citizens travels annually to those different city and it Schüleraustausche between both cities is in each case organized.

economics and infrastructure

purchasing power

the city star mountain andthe associated district star mountain stood according to GRP market study for many years at the point of the Kaufkraftstatisitk (source). With 26.312 euro pro head purchasing power it lay 2004 53 per cent over the all-German average. According to the newest GRP purchasing power study 2006 star mountain became alsoeinem verfügbaren Pro-Kopf-Einkommen von 24.950 Euro erstmalig vom Hochtaunuskreis bei Frankfurt (25.100 Euro) überflügelt.

Wirtschaft sowie Land- und Forstwirtschaft

Es gab 1998 nach der amtlichen Statistik im Bereich der Land- und Forstwirtschaft 82, im produzierenden Gewerbe 1450and within the range trade and traffic 2193 liable to social security persons employed at the work place. In other economic sectors 4271 persons were liable to social security busy at the work place. Liable to social security person employed at the residence gave it altogether to 6647. In the processing trade there were 3 enterprises, in the building main trade of 40 enterprises.Besides existed in the year 1999 59 agricultural enterprises with a agriculturally used surface of 1754 hectars, of it were 868 hectars of area of arable land and 882 hectars of continuous green area.


star mountain is because of the federal highway 2 between Munich and star mountainby a motorway one replaced (transition to the B2 at the end of the Starnberger motorway A952, which of the motorway A95 Munich - mixing part churches branches). There the entire motor traffic to the west bank of the lake and into the district because home throughStar mountain runs, is accordingly high the traffic volume by the city. Remedies (road tunnel, by-pass road) are already discussed for over one decade.

Star mountain has also two stations at the rapid-transit railway - line S6 of the MVV, star mountain (station directly at the lake) and Star mountain north. Around 1900 the built railroad line runs directly between city and lake, whereby the city is cut off urban by the water. To the point of construction period the swampy bank range was in government property and could therefore after dewatering without expensive assumption from alreadyassigned properties to be cultivated. The effects concerning town construction of this decision became only decades later clearly.

Also the navigation lines on the Starnberger lake have a putting on bar in star mountain.

education and research

in star mountain exist the following mechanisms:

  • Kindergartens
  • elementary schools: 4
  • Hauptschule: 1
  • vocational schools: 2 (Staatl. Vocational center star mountain, IB-medical academy star mountain)
  • High Schools: 1
  • Munich internationally School in Percha
  • Montessorischule (since 1981)
  • promotion schools: 2 (Franziskus school for mentally handicapped, five-sea-school f. individual learning promotion)

In the neighbouring Pöcking is the place Sea-meadows. There the today's institute for Max-Planck for Ornithologie is, based 1954 as institute for Max-Planck for behavior physiology. 1961-1973 were Konrad Lorenz director at the institute for Max-Planck for behavior physiology in sea-meadows.

objects of interest

  • lock star mountain (today tax office) information to historythe lock [2]
  • Rococo church pc. Josef (high altar of Ignaz Günther)
  • local history museum [3]
  • palace garden
  • sea-promenade
  • 48. Degree of latitude, which goes through the WIttelsbacherstrasse, on height flowers refuses (perpetuated in a cast-iron base plate)
  • Maria Kempter kindergarten, Kempterstrasse 1a, Söcking
  • entrance to the UC protection shelter:Eisenplatte on concrete socles directly before the dwelling of the caretaker of the primary school Söcking (Kemterstrasse 1)
  • lock Leutstetten with remainders of a Roman property yard (mansion rustica) and a representative Wittelsbacher lock


private information at

the Starnberger


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