Staten Iceland

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US Federal State: New York
of the administrative seat:
Establishment: 1683
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surface: 265.5 km ²
inhabitants: 443.728 (conditions: 2000)
Population density: 1671.3 Einwohner/km ²
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Karte des Richmond County innerhalb von New York

Staten Iceland is an island in the Federal State New York, at the east coast of the USA. The island forms an urban district (Borough) for the city New York and covers themselves with smelling moon County.

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Staten Iceland is appropriate southwest for the island Manhattan and west the quarter Brooklyn lain on Long Iceland. With Brooklyn the island is connected by the duty-requiring Verrazano Narrows bridge. Between Staten Iceland and Manhattan operates the free StatenIceland Ferry. Into the west and the north the island is separated by the narrow Arthur Kill and the Kill van Kull from the Federal State new jersey. After new jersey the Goethals Bridge leads, the Bayonne Bridge and the Outerbridge Crossing.

The highest point thatIsland, the Todt Hill, is the highest point of the city New York also at the same time.

See also administrative arrangement of New York town center in Community board and Neighborhoods.


Staten Iceland became 1898 an urban district of New York. To 21. November 1964the Verrazano Narrows bridge was opened, what led in the following decades to a strong increase in population.

population, economics and education

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street corner on Staten Iceland

Staten Iceland are with a number of inhabitants of approximately 440,000 the population-poorest quarter of New York. The townscape with a suburb characterby loosely built populated areas and green belts one coins/shapes.

On the island are important dockyards and oil refineries, in addition different colleges and a Campus of the Saint John's University.


since 1948 lies on Staten Iceland the Fresh Kills Landfill, those Garbage dump of the city New York and one of the largest artificial collections of the world. Since that time in March 2001 it was closed and is renaturalisiert. The debris of the World trade of center destroyed by terrorist attacks was stored temporarily here.

objects of interest

beside some houses worth seeing from that 17. and 18. Century is on Staten Iceland among other things the Conference House from the year 1680 and the Voorlezer's House from the year 1695, both oldest still received school building in the USA

discussion and Etymologie of the name

thatName of the island Staten reimt itself on Manhattan and is not expressed like the English word State. The name comes from Netherlands states the Eylandt („condition island “), after the States of Generaal („general states “), the parliament of the Republic of at that time that filters combined the Netherlands. ThoseIsland belonged to the colony at that time new Amsterdam in Nieuw Nederland or new facts Belgica.

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coordinates: 40° 34 ′ 19 " N, 74° 9 ′ 28 " W


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