Steamboat Willie

film data
of German titles: Steamboat Willie
original title: Steamboat Willie
production country: The USA
feature year: 1928
length (PAL - DVD): 7:45 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 0
direction: Roll Disney
film script: Roll Disney, practice Iwerks
production: Roll Disney
music: Wilfred Jackson

Steamboat Willie is the first publicly specified Zeichentrickfilm with Micky mouse.

After roll Disney already two silent movies with Micky mouse had before produced, it used the possibilities of the Tonfilms for the first time with Steamboat Willie. To 18. November 1928 was specified for the first time the film. The first two films were after-toned and published afterwards.

Direction and film script taken over of roll Disney and practice Iwerks, the music comes from Wilfred Jackson (and not, how often falsely accepted, of Carl Stalling) and consists of popular Folkloresongs such as Steamboat Bill (also the inspiration for the title was) and door key into the Straw.

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clay/tone in the Zeichentrickfilm

Steamboat Willie is often called fälscherlicherweise first Trickfilm with clay/tone. Starting from 1924 Cartoons with clay/tone, among them max of butcher My old Kentucky Home (1926) and Paul Terrys Dinner Time were already produced and published (1928). Steamboat Willie was however first of these films, which achieved a larger public.


Mickey works under the captain Pete (Kater Karlo) on the steamer Willie. It stands merrily whistling on the bridge and steers the ship to Kater Karlo it furiously from the bridge throws and the rudder takes over. They take up freight a little later on a bank. Briefly after they did not loose-put again appear min ever on the bank, cannot however the boat any longer reach. Mickey succeeds it nevertheless to heave it on the boat - min ever to the song door key does not lose the note sheets into the Straw, which are eaten by a goat. Together turn thereupon both at the tail of the goat, which thereupon like a Phonograph the song plays. Disturbed by this „noise “scheucht Kater Karlo the two up and thunders Mickey to the potato peeling. Its parrot makes itself merry over it and for short hand by Mickey over board is thrown.

performance in Germany

after already starting from 1927 of Disney earlier Oswald - and Alice - Trickfilme in Germany were specified, came starting from 1930 also the Micky mouse - films into the German cinemas. Steamboat Willie went through a ship under the name paints by the waves at the 11. February 1930 the film inspection station Berlin.

Only 1999 were published the Cartoon in Germany on the video Mickys largest hits, this time under its original title. A German DVD - publication does not give it so far.

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