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Stefan Aust (* 1. July 1946 in Stade, Lower Saxony) is a German journalist and editor-in-chief of the news magazine of the mirrors.

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Aust is the son of a farmer. From 1966 to 1969 Aust editor was concrete with the newspaper as well as the pc. Pauli message and was since 1970 coworkers north German of the broadcast NDR, from 1972 to 1986 for the television magazine panorama. Starting from May 1988 Aust took over the function of the editor-in-chief for the television expenditure mirror TV. At the beginning of critically commentated, Aust with journals and documentations investigated well could develop a profit yielding publishing house department.

In September 1970 it freed the twins Bettina and Regine Röhl, the daughters on own fist and with the help of a Aussteigers of the RAF from Ulrike Meinhof and the former concretely - colleague Klaus Rainer Röhl, which had been kidnapped by members of the Red Army parliamentary group to Sicilies and it brought back to its father, who had the custody.

The editor-in-chief of the news magazine of the mirrors Aust became to 16. December 1994 appointed, separated therefore from the mirrors TV chief editorship . Since July 1995 Aust is also a managing director of the mirrors TV GmbH. Today it moderates the television broadcast regularly. Critics throw self glory to it forwards (Rolex - clock before TV-transmission take off, action against wind force from private interests force). Others grant it economic and journalistic successes of the mirror company.



Aust as an author of different film and television documentations worked:

starting from

1980 Aust different books wrote works to usually political topics:


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