Stefan Grossman

Stefan Grossman (* 16. April 1945 in Brooklyn, New York town center) is an influential US-American guitarist, text book author and a producer.


Stefan Grossman was born 1945 as a son of the Jewish married couple harsh ore and Ruth Grossmann in New York. With 14 he decided under the impression of the music of bends Bill Broonzy to learn guitar. Reverend Gary Davis became its instructor.

Grossman took up the old Blues sizes on tape and transliterated the pieces in an own Tabulatur. From this it developed a teaching method, which it published in books and over cartridges and records.

18-jährig created it the Even Dozen Jug volume. Afterwards it was member of the Fugs and took up with Rory block the LP How ton of Play Blues Guitar . Since 1967 arose it increases solo. It traveled by Europe, lived in Italy, then in England and finally again in Italy.

1973 created Stefan Grossman its own disk label Kicking Mule record, which he to 1980 led and then sold. Starting from 1976 co-operated Grossman frequently with John Renbourn , with which it took up also a set of albums and gave numerous concerts.

1987 withdrew Grossman to America. It published new albums with the Canadian label Shanachie record and created again its own company: Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop over which it again gives teaching material (cartridges, video, CDs) out.

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