Stefano Garzelli

Stefano Garzelli (* 16. July 1973 in Varese) is an Italian wheel running driver.

Its largest success is the total victories at the route de Suisse 1998 and at the giro d'Italia 2000 (after an exciting three-fight with Gilberto Simoni and Francesco Casagrande).

It began its career as an aid for Marco Pantani. When Pantani exhibited 2000 form problems at the beginning of the giro d'Italia, Garzelli was relieved by all aid services for its running universe Mercatone UN and was allowed to intervene in the decision around the total victory. In the latter mountain-grope defeated it Casagrande owing to the assistance of the again recovered Marco Pantani. Garzelli dedicated thereupon the total victory its team captain.

Stefano Garzelli is a versatile driver; it is a good Sprinter and time driver. He is not a large aggressor, its achievements is however constant and on a good day can he easily with the best Kletterern keep up.



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