Stone yard (Vienna)

stone yard was originally a psychiatric hospital and a Pulmologi center of the city Vienna.

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the hospital, been because of a slope in 14. District Penzing, becameafter plans established by Otto Wagner and 1907 opens. It consists of sixty pavilions, which were sketched by Carlo von Boog, like also the art nouveau theatre in the center. The church at the stone yard of Otto Wagner forms the visual high point. After its remarkable dome that becomesPlace also Lemoniberg mentioned.

In the year 2000 under the designation “socialmedical center tree gardners height petrol daring he hospital with care center” five public health services (promotion nursing home tree gardner height, neurological hospital Maria Theresien Schlössl, nursing home sanatorium route, psychiatric hospital tree gardner height and Pulmologi center tree gardner height) were summarized.

In the center is also the memorial placeto the history of the LV medicine in Vienna with memorial and exhibition. In that “mirror reasonof institute mentioned numerous euthanasia murders were committed at that time.

stone yard reasons

of stone yard reasons

, about 30 hectars the large stone yard reasons bordering north, were once a part of the hospital and became gardeningused. This very day are there numerous fruit trees. Into the 1950er years stood on the area a medium-wave transmitter, by which from the program was radiated red-white-red the American army. The concrete foundations are today still present. To the 1970er years there were plans, the areato block. Since however during an opinion poll it showed up that large parts of the population rejected the project was finally received, the stone yard reasons as recreation area cared for of the city Vienna.


in April 2006 planning was published, after those the psychiatric department ineastern part of the petrol daring he hospital to other locations to be shifted is. The range is to be used then for dwellings, hotels or business premises. The existing buildings are to be however not substantially changed thereby, so that the total ensemble remains.


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