Stempeldruck designates procedures, with which a raised printing form (see high pressure) is pushed open on the Druckstoff. Differently than with high pressure the printing form is pushed open on the Druckstoff and is not turned around.

Stamps is no industrial compression matter, but for stamp (wood stamp, self coloring stamp, paginating stamp) is used.A numbering of printing elements becomes industrial by means of connected paginating stamps (e.g. accomplished by tickets).

A stamp can be manufactured from different materials: Hard rubber, metal, potatoes, pasteboard or linoleum

the origins of marking lie in the bronze-temporal Mesopotamien. There seals used around clay/tone boardsto sign or prove around itself as owners of goods. In Crete 1908 puzzling discotheques by Phaistos one excavated. This contains with an age of approx. 3700 years the oldest text, which was written by means of stamps for individual characters.

see also: Compression matter, stamp pad


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