Stephan Hermlin

grave of Stephan Hermlin on the Dorotheenstädti cemetery in Berlin.

Stephan Hermlin (* 13. April 1915 in Chemnitz; † 6. April 1997 in Berlin; actually Rudolf leather) was a German writer. Hermlin stepped among other things by its narrations, essays,Translations, lyric poetry out and was one of the most well-known writers of the GDR.

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immigrants Jewish as a son buildup Hermlin in Chemnitz and in Berlin . 1931 entrance into the communist youth federation; 1933 to 1936 theory as printers and resistance work; 1936 emigration to Palestine, France and Switzerland. After its return to Germany 1945 Hermlin worked as a broadcast editor in Frankfurt/Main. Since 1947 Hermlin in east Berlin lived and was coworker in the magazine editorshipsthe “daily ones round-look” (daily paper of the Soviet military administration) “Ulenspiegel”, “structure”, “sense and form”; . As an author of well-known Stalin - hymns worked Hermlin in important committees of the Soviet zone of occupation and became after 1949 fast one of the most influential writers of the again created GDR. As a close friend of Walter Ulbricht and Erich Honecker always understood itself Hermlin as Protagonist of socialist cultural policy, engaged themselves in addition, as an intermediary between literature and politics.

In December 1962 Hermlin belonged to the initiators of an look up-exciting reading of young poets (among other things with wolf Biermann, Volker brown, Bernd Jentzsch, Sarah Kirsch, Karl Mickel) in the academy of the arts of the GDR, which introduced the Lyrik wave of the 60's. Hermlin thereupon relieved of its function as a secretary of the class Dichtkunst and language care of the academy. 1968 criticized Hermlin striking down the Prager of spring, this made however not public. 1976 belonged to Hermlin to the initiators of the protest of prominent writers against the classification of wolf Biermann. Against the official policy of the east west confrontation organized Hermlin, on behalf Erich of Honecker in December 1981, a German-German writer meetingto the peace promotion, the citizens of Berlin meeting. Hermlin was member of the writer federation of the GDR, the academy of the arts of the GDR and since 1976 also the academy of the arts west Berlin.

After 1989 Hermlin turned out because of its attitude to seventeenth June 1953, to the building of the Wall 1961 andto the GDR opposition increasingly under criticism. In particular the hessian literature editor Karl Corino subordinated Hermlin unjustified statements, about that its father KZ - prisoner was, it officer in the Spanish civil war and an active member of the French Résistance was. Corino appointed itself thereby essentially to those auto+biographicallykonnotierte collection of texts “evening light”. Its criticism been based therefore on fiktionalen texts and not on provable statements. After the German-German discussion around Christa of wolf narration which 1990 remain and the literature state security service debate starting from 1991 the controversy about Hermlin 1996 the third large literature debate of the German unit introduced.

Its daughter from the marriage with Lily leather Schmaus is an actress Cornelia Schmaus. Its son from the marriage with Irina Hermlin, Andrej Hermlin leather, is a musician (Swing thanks Orchestra).


  • 1948 Heinrich Heine price of the defense association of German authors
  • 1950 national price thatGDR (for the Mansfeld Oratorium)
  • 1954 national price (for cooperation at a documentary film over Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • 1958 F.C. Pointing head price
  • 1972 Heinrich Heine - price of the Ministry for culture
  • 1975 national price 1. Class

of works

  • twelve Balladen of the large cities 1945
  • the second lieutenant York ofWaiting castle 1946
  • opinions over some new writers and books with Hans Mayer 1947
  • journey of a painter into of Paris 1947
  • the time of the community 1949
  • the first row 1951
  • the flight of the pigeon 1952
  • meetings: 1954 - 1959 1960
  • poems and Prosa 1966
  • narrations 1966
  • The cities 1966
  • reading: 1960 - 1971 1974
  • the Argonauten 1974
  • evening light of 1979
  • essays, reports, speeches, interview Hrsg. of Ulla cock 1980
  • poems 1981
  • expressions 1983
  • life period of 1987
  • poems and Nachdichtungen 1990
  • telling Prosa 1990
  • Scardanelli 1993
  • in the fights of this time 1995
  • decisions 1995


  • Stephan Hermlin " of Silvia Schlenstedt, 1985
  • outside Mamor, inside gypsum of Karl Corino, 1996

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