Stephan contactor

Johann Stephan contactor (* 1. November 1771 in Olvenstedt with Magdeburg; † 19. March 1839 in Weimar) was a German writer and belonged to the Goethe circle.

Stephan Schütze
Stephan contactor

contactor was born as a son of a wealthy farmer. After buyer teachings and a thatA professional school and the Pädagogium monastery visits mountains (from 1789 to 1794) studied it from 1794 to 1797 theology. This first in resounds, later in attaining. To short activity as private teachers in Magdeburg and yard master he went after 1804 Weimarin order of a rich farm servant citizen uncle the one trading firm operated there, supported, poets to become.

Into Weimar attained the reserved, deformed contactors the position of a wunderlichen city-well-known original. Later he married the widow Wilhelmine of flat. He worked as journalist and a theatre critic. As an author was it for newspapers and paperbacks actively. Over 30 years it was dedicated the publisher of the popular “paperback to the love and friendship” (TdLF) and gave further publications like” the winter garden “, the” journal for literature, art, luxury and mode “as well as” the spring messenger“out.

Schopenhauer operated and was contactors chronicler of the evening companies of the Johanna Schopenhauer in the house. It accompanied Goethe, who it to 12. November 1806 had become acquainted with, on bath travels and worked with artists such as E.T.A. Hoffmann, Ludwig Bechstein and Adalbert of Chamisso together.

Created contactors aesthetic writings (theory of the Reims, 1802 and theory of the amusing 1817) whereby it also in music circles was considered. It belonged to that to the initial members Weimar art friends and strove for the preservation of the Goethe inheritance. Contactor was yard advice.

InMagdeburg are designated a road and a place (Stephan contactor road, Stephan contactor place) after it.

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