Stephan Weickert

Stephan Weickert (* 12. June 1892; † 16. March 1952) was a German refugee politician.

After the attendance of the High School and the professional school he was active starting from 1912 in the large-scale industry as dispatch leaders, plant manager, general representatives and organization leaders. 1936 change it to the alliance - insurance and were active in Austria and in the Sudetenland as supervisor and insurance officers.

After the escape after Bavaria Weickert was there again busy at the alliance company. It joined the new citizen federation of Günter Goetzendorff and became an town councillor von Landshut, honorary refugee man of confidence and supervisory board of the social welfare organization Bavaria. Due to the Wahlbündnisses of the new citizen federation with the WAV kandiderte it with the elections to the first Bundestag. The German Bundestag belonged it since the choice 1949 up to its death. 1950 took part Weickert in the establishment of the refugee party GB/BHE and formed with Hans Gerd merry, Hans Friedrich, Hans Tichi and Franz Ott the group of Bundestag of BHE/DG. Weickert was up to its death of chairmen of the committee of the Bundestag for borderland questions.


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