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Stephen Dorff (* 29. July 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an US-American actor. To its most important roles belong and. A. those of the Deacon frost in the Comic filming Blade.

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Stephen Dorff lived short time in Atlanta after its birth. Briefly after the birth of his younger brother Andrew the family pulled to Los Angeles. Here it turned out rather fast that Dorff had a large interest in the film industry. Thus it came that it was engaged already in the age by nine years for a role in the US TV serial „Family Ties “. In the year 1987 he got then his first main role in the Fantasyfilm gate - the underground ones. Was high-praised its Dartstellung the so-called „fifth Beatles “, the bassists Stuart Sutcliff in the film Backbeat, to a film over the beginnings of the Beatles.

Dorff showed further schauspielerische achievements in the film I SHOT Andy be-gets at the side of lily Taylor or in John Waters - film Cecil B. DeMented (2000). World-wide popularity reached Stephen Dorff then in the year 1998, as it in the Marvel - Comicverfilmung Blade the role of the rogue Deacon frost plays. For this representation it is distinguished in the year 1999 with MTV the Movie Awards as „the best film rogue “. After the films FearDotCom or Cold Creek Manor - the house at the river came to 2005 Stephen Dorffs new film alone into the Dark into the cinemas.

Stephen Dorff had so far in approximately 30 music videos small roles. He was to be seen last in the music video Everytime of Britney Spears. This provided above all for attention, because Britney Spears was reproached here to deal with the topic suicide all too thoughtlessly.


MTV Movie Awards 1999: Best a many layman (best rogue)

Filmografie (selection)


music video

  • 1994 - Aerosmith “Cryin”
  • 2001 - Limp Bizkit “Rollin”
  • 2004 - Britney Spears “Everytime”

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