Stern' conservatoire

the Stern' conservatoire had been created 1850 as urban conservatoire for music in Berlin von Julius star , Theodor Kullak and Adolf Bernhard Marx. Already 1855 withdrew Kullak and created the new academy of the clay/tone art. Since also Marx withdrew 1856, the conservatoire finally stood under star exclusive line.

1936 were renamed and arisiert it during National Socialist synchronising in conservatoire of the realm capital Berlin. After the end of the Second World War 1945 the change of the university name took place into urban conservatoire.

Since 1966 is the conservatoire of the university of the arts (since 2001: University of the arts) attached.

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  • 1883-1888: Robert wheel corner
  • 1895-1915: Gustav dutchman
  • 1930-1933: Paul Graener

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